Ref No.: 18-15998
Location: San Diego, California
Chemist focusing the following tasks and responsibilities:
• Use of equipment, such as pH meter, centrifuge, analytical balance, spectrophotometer, vacuum chamber, tangential flow filtration system, membrane printing system, conjugate dispensing system.
• Maintain and calibrate equipment.
• Prepare complex solutions, such as phosphate buffer, antigen conjugate solution, antibody conjugate solution, gold-antibody conjugate solution.
• Optimize formulation and performance of gold-antibody conjugate pad.
• Assemble drug test strips and devices.
• Test gold-antibody conjugate pad samples using drug positive urine and drug negative urine.
• Maintain a clean, sanitary work place, including washing glassware.
• Conduct complex experimentation including data collection, summary and thorough analysis, in support of product improvement and validation projects. Compose robust experimentation strategies that maximize effective use of resources and time to deliver optimum information.
• Support efforts to innovate production methods and product formulation to resolve problems and accomplish company objectives.
• Maintain records of laboratory activities and notebooks in a professional, accurate manner. May provide support to regulatory and intellectual property activities.
• Operate equipment and conduct tasks in a safe manner, adhering to established guidelines and applicable regulations.
• Generate oral and written reports as necessary and to summarize production activities and projects. Initiate communication with related staff and functions as necessary to carry out activities effectively.
• Monitor and maintain necessary laboratory supplies, with approval from senior department staff.
• Other responsibilities as assigned.
• Responsible for exhibiting professional behavior with both internal/external business associates that reflects positively on the company and is consistent with the company’s policies and practices.