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Administrative Assistant I
Ref No.: 18-15578
Location: Traverse City, Michigan
- Analyze and resolve a wide variety of work procedures (which may involve the engineering design, work order preparation, scheduling coordination, material provisioning and ordering and billing.
- Interact with other internal departments to resolve customer issues, and communicate, negotiate and counsel on a variety of topics including payment options, procedures, and explaining company policy in a variety of energy-related areas.
- Interpret and analyze a wide variety of complex technical/scientific design projects, perform scheduling for multiple tasks or work coordination, and respond to customer inquiries including but not exclusive to new energy requests. These tasks involve the evaluation of alternative courses of action, recommending and coordinating the appropriate actions through the work process to meet customer energy needs.
-Coordinate with employees in other departments and/or external agencies to meet any special requirements of the energy request orders.

Must possess a valid driver's license

- The ideal applicant should exhibit exceptional problem solving skills. It is also critical to:
- Possess strong computer (Windows, Microsoft Office) and analytical skills
- Have the ability to interact with internal and external clients to receive highly advanced information and data - Demonstrate excellent customer service skills