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Bench Scientist I
Ref No.: 18-15546
Location: Andover, Massachusetts
Job Description: Old request 12309

An exciting position is available for a bioanalytical scientist to join a state-of-the-art protein mass spectrometry laboratory lab in Pharmaceutical’s Pharmacokinetics Dynamics and Metabolism department. The lab based role will focus on the development of sensitive quantitative assays against protein targets in various human tissues. This position requires expertise in bioanalytical procedures including working with biological serum samples, immunoanalytical workflows, solid background in protein biochemistry, and ideally expertise in triple quadrupole quantitative mass spectrometry. The candidate will participate in all phases of mass spec laboratory operations including the development of sample preparation methods, assay execution, instrument maintenance and data analysis/reporting. We are looking for a scientist passionate about learning and quickly applying new skills to the project needs.

Main Skills to focus on:
1. Bioanalysis – includes sample preparation of human biological matrices(blood, plasma, serum, tissue) with emphasis on human tissues
2. Quantitative LC/MS/MS
Position Comments visible to MSP and Supplier: BILL RATE IS NOT TO EXCEED $50


bioanalytical experience
Sample handling experience
sample prep
liquid handling
immunoanalytical experience
Academic or indistry expeirence is accepted
BA or above accepted