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Public Policy Coordinator
Ref No.: 18-15532
Location: San Francisco, California
Job Title: Public Policy Coordinator (Admin, Community Programming)
Job Company: Social Media Company
Job Location: San Francisco, CA
Job Duration: 1 year contract

Job Description:

COMPANY is a world-wide communications platform that is changing how people interact and communicate at home and at work. The COMPANY @Policy team manages and directs COMPANY'S corporate social responsibility work in the markets we serve.

Our #COMPANYforGood efforts involve working directly with NGOs active in the areas of freedom of expression, online safety and security, women and minorities in tech, and emergency services/disaster recovery.

We're looking for a Public Policy Coordinator/Admin for our signature local #COMPANYForGood initiative in San Francisco, the @NeighborNest. The @NeighborNest is a 4,000 square foot community tech lab that hosts technology and social service programming for a range of community partners in San Francisco, focusing primarily on serving families experiencing homelessness.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Greet all visitors to the @NeighborNest and ensure they are properly signed in, badged, and directed to their COMPANY host.
  • Screen new visitors for eligibility to use the space, briefly help orient them, and find out the purpose for their visit.
  • Work directly with facilities to ensure that all office and kitchen supplies are stocked and available.
  • Coordinate with COMPANY Security staff to ensure safety of facility and that visitor policy is consistent with security protocols.
  • Monitor and maintain visitor registration & Salesforce database.
  • Assist @Policy Team with internal events at the @NeighborNest and COMPANY and ad hoc projects.
  • Work with NGOs on bolstering COMPANY'S NGO engagement, #COMPANYforGood days of service, and other corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Who you are:
  • Passionate about social justice work and philanthropy.
  • Possesses the empathy and fortitude to work with and serve underserved adults and their children.
  • Enjoys and is comfortable working around children.
  • Creative problem-solver with a knack for designing and implementing great new processes.
  • Exceptional organizational skills and multitasking abilities.
  • Ability to remain energetic and positive in a fast-paced, difficult environment.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and desire for constant improvement.
  • Professional, friendly, approachable demeanor.

You'll need a keen interest in COMPANY and ideally, proficiency with the COMPANY service. Reasonable fluency in technology and a passion about the power of communications to change the world for the better. Knowledge of Keynote, PowerPoint, and other presentation programs preferred. The ideal candidate will be highly organised, disciplined and self-driven with guidance. Attention to detail, professionalism and completion of tasks is key. Strong written and oral communications and interpersonal skills. Additional language fluency skills a plus. Spanish fluency prefered. A sense of humor.

Bachelor's degree preferred

The role will mostly involve administrative duties at the COMPANY Nest community center. Candidates in grad school or who want a career in public policy are not required. The manager is looking for thick skinned candidates who are able to deal with the rigors of low income families in the area who are seeking help. For example, this person might have to help assist in childcare procedures for that family.