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Python Developer
Ref No.: 18-14299
Location: Chicaco, Illinois
Position Type:Contract
Python Developer
Through end of 2018 to start
Can work out of either NYC or Chicago, IL

***Please note, references need to be sent with submittals***

  • Primary responsibility is to extract data from different sources/feeds, massage the data and load it to DB. Thus loaded data will be used by Analyst and QR teams
  • Development in Python on Linux, SQL Server and various libraries of Python - Pands, numpy, beautifulsoup etc
  • Web Scraping/Web Crawling, unstructured data gathering and ETL processing
  • 5+ years of professional software development experience
  • Understanding of Functional Programming Concepts
  • Strong Python programming experience and Linux commands
  • Experience in web-scraping and using modules like urllib, Beautiful Soup is good to have
  • Good knowledge on SQL (Sql server, basic understanding of execution plans/ index types/ sql queries)
  • Good knowledge on pandas, scipy, numpy.
  • Basic knowledge on object oriented programming
  • Experience is working and understanding of disparate yet related data sets and be able to correlate them together
  • Knowledge of CI/CD using GIT, Jenkins, Version control.
  • Aware of unit testing using pynose, debugging using pdb and IDE