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Associate Assembler
Ref No.: 18-13451
Location: Draper, California
Job ID: 18-13451
Job Title: Associate Assembler

Location: Draper, UT
Duration: 6+ Months

Max Pay Rate: $11.00/H on w2

Job Description:
  • Performs repetitive and routine manual activities operations and packaging activities following the procedures.
  • The employee must attend and/or know all operations of the line production of his/her training matrix.
  • Performs repetitive and routine manual activities operations and packaging activities following the procedures. The employee must attend and/or know all operations of the line production of his/her training matrix.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Use higher level tools and equipment that typically require knowledge in complex operations in the manufacturing process of medical device components, including inspections, UV bonding, soldering, and all packaging and labeling processes, while working independently at the highest levels of quality and productivity
  • Self-assessment of work, which may include visual inspection under a magnifier, and sequential review of colleagues work, including escalating work issues and changes in equipment performance to the group leader or supervisor for assessment and correction, including suggesting changes to sequence of work stations to improve volume while supporting initiative of Lean Manufacturing.
  • Ensure that the parts to be used are in an acceptable condition, including verifying parts are in compliance with Bills of Materials; packing units assembled in individual cartons or bags, seal them and then packing in boxes, seal them and label, following the procedure. Make visual inspections in order to detect defects or failures.
  • Place the units boxes assembled on pallets according to the layout. Report any unsafe condition in the work area, as well as any deviation in the normal operation of the belts or equipment. Review, follow and perform job functions in compliance with work instructions (SWI/JSP/procedures) and adherence with SOPs, including recording traceable information on device history records and may enter information into JDE.
  • Assure appropriate settings and parameters of equipment for precise assembly and inspection of medical devices
  • Provide coaching and training to lower level employees, monitor the line performance, evaluate and demonstrate correct approach on work of other employees
  • Perform line clearance operations
  • Meet the quality requirements of operation and responsibility detailed in the quality system of the plant and the internal manual work. Verify the materials and components on BOM Validation. On time arrival to work, regular attendance without excessive absenteeism, and working a full hour or longer work period.
Other incidental duties:
  • General work area housekeeping, attend trainings, meetings, special assignments and other miscellaneous tasks, perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor. Document information required by the production line.
  • Inspects and record the final product hour per hour.
  • Support the set up process.
Education and Experience:
  • H.S. Diploma or equivalent 2 years experience medical device assembly experience
Additional Skills:
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills, including ability to convey training in methodology and procedures
  • Basic English skills to comprehend software program commands and notes, elementary-level understanding of numerical functions related to set-up parameters
  • Ability to perform a wider variety of repetitive and routine manual assembly and packaging operations with high skill level
  • Full understanding of manufacturing procedures in areas of certifications
  • Ability to perform repairs on nonconformance errors, following detailed work instructions and may suggest approaches for potential improvements
  • Working knowledge of parameter set-up documentation
  • Proven ability to complete, retain, and incorporate training coursework in the performance of new and advanced work procedures
  • Flexibility to work overtime and varying shifts
  • Adhere to Edwards Environmental Health and Safety and Quality guidelines as they relate to department clean room medical device manufacturing
  • Must be able to work in a team environment, primarily with colleagues and supervisor, and may also work on inter-departmental teams, with minimum supervision by following detailed manufacturing instructions.
  • Ability to effectively provide and accept feedback from colleagues based on sequential work reviews and follow up with colleagues to ensure understanding of training
  • Basic computer skills
  • Flexibility to work overtime and varying shifts