Previous Job
Public Content Contractor
Ref No.: 18-13435
Location: Mountain View, California
Part 1: Monetization Integrity Focs: The team specializes in providing top-notch support to FB's content creators who create content that might conflict with monetization policies. The team manages the end-to-end support experience for creators who become ineligible to monetize due to violating Monetization Eligibility Standards (MES) and/or Brand Safety guidelines.
Part 2:
Respond to internal and external requests within SLAs
Provide excellent service to all stakeholders (i.e. content creators, XFN partners, etc.)
Serve as an "on-call” in case of emergencies (may require weekend shifts)
Provide language support for the team if content needs to be translated
Aggregate partner feedback
Side Note: Hours Worked - 40 hours/week (this includes a rotational weekend shift)

Full Professional Proficiency/Native reading and writing abilities in English and Spanish
Highly motivated and hard-working with the ability to think clearly under pressure, both individually and in a team environment
Ability to stay motivated while performing repetitive work
Ability to learn workflows and policies quickly and apply this learning to workflows
Avid Facebook user with a passion for the product and ensuring a good user experience
Strong attention to detail with the ability to rapidly assess, analyze, and resolve complicated issues with varying degrees of ambiguity
Excellent written communication skills
Strong Understanding of various software programs, Microsoft Office, Outlook, etc.