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CW Executive Administrator for Corporate Customer Service Dept
Ref No.: 18-12754
Location: Plano, Texas

Job Title: CW Executive Administrator for Corporate Customer Service Dept
Job Duration: 12 months +
Job Location: Plano, TX

Job Description-
The Executive Administrator (EA) will act as a liaison between the Office of the President (OOTP), Executive Management and all consumers who contact any Client Corporate Office with finance-related questions or concerns. On behalf of the OOTP, the EA will provide a forum for the review of escalated verbal and written customer inquiries. They will ensure all issues are handled appropriately and expeditiously. They will provide accurate information for the updating and maintenance of the repository for inbound and outbound correspondence, and the production of month end reports. The EA will collaborate and coordinate their responses with
the Customer Service Centers (CSCs), Dealer Sales and Service Offices (DSSOs), Credit, Legal, Marketing, Debt Management, Compliance, and other departments or divisions as necessary to ensure prompt fulfillment of all commitments, was well as 24 Vendors and repossessions companies.
Major Responsibilities
70% Duties:
Acting as the "Office of the President”
· Responding to inbound correspondence and complaints
· Responding to online complaints filed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website
· Accepting inbound phone calls from various internal and external channels (customers and dealers)
· De-escalating calls and offering solutions to customers in a timely manner (credit disputes, questions about getting late fees waived, additional lease fees, etc.)
· Assisting the Enterprise Compliance team with research for responses to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
20% Duties:
· Assist to align departmental complaint handling objectives with the Customer Service Centers for consistency of operations
10% Duties:
· Work on special projects as assigned
Customer Satisfaction is focusing one's actions and decisions on timely and accurate responses to customer's questions and needs. It includes taking proactive steps to prevent
customer problems and provide information that anticipates the customers concerns and questions
Continuous Improvement is the commitment to identifying and taking steps to improve team results and customer satisfaction/responsiveness. Individuals who do this effectively find ways to constructively challenge the status quo and work with others to create changes that will improve results/customer satisfaction
Detail Orientation is the focus on attending to essential details and taking the time to gather all relevant data/information. Individuals who are effective in this area take steps to double check the accuracy of their work before they enter it in to the system.
Flexibility is adapting to and working effectively within a variety of situations and with different individuals and teams. It includes the understanding and appreciation of different approaches and perspectives on issues and problems. Individuals who do this effectively are able to adapt their approach based on the needs of the situation in order to ensure that desired results are achieved.
Achieving Results is the focus on taking specific actions to meet and when possible exceed established standards. Individuals who effectively exhibit these behaviors are able to maintain a balance among high quality outcomes, completed within established timeframes and working effectively with those who are impacted by the results.
Teamwork is about working cooperatively with others in order to achieve shared goals and objectives. Individuals who work well in teams genuinely value the input of others and seek out their perspectives regularly.
Self –Confidence is the belief in one's own capability to select an effective approach to a task or problem. This includes confidence in one's ability as expressed in increasingly challenging situations as well as confidence in one's decisions, opinions or recommendations
Nature and Purpose of Contact with Others:
· Provide information to assist with problem solving/trouble shooting
· Give/gather information
· Coordinate scheduling, process flow, evaluation meetings
Business Impact:
Identify and make recommendations in own area for customer service and/or process/workflow improvement.
Focus/Scope: Briefly describe the focus and scope of the position (i.e. breadth of responsibilities).
· Report production
· Quality assurance

Must Have:
· 5+ years of experience in a Customer Service environment in a financial or banking services industry
· Superior communication and customer service skills with a diverse audience
· High level of confidence, as this resource will be working directly with the President of the company, as well as other high-level executives , so must be very comfortable and not get nervous or intimidated
· Be firm but friendly with customers via phone and email (sometimes speaking to dealers as well)
· Strong analytical and organizational skills
· Must be detail oriented and able to multi-task
· Works well independently and in a team environment
· Able to meet deadlines in a fast paced, high compliance area adverse
· High School Diploma
· Proficient with Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Lync)
· Systems: Salesforce, TSO HOST, TeamConnect, Datashare, DMS, Western Union, RightFax, NICE Engage, Title Explorer, Avaya, SharePoint, AutoIMS, DST Customer Portal
· Understanding of Compliance laws (CFBB & BBB)
· Compliance experience
· Legal understanding a big plus, as this resource will be working closely with the Legal department and attorneys