Ref No.: 18-10589
Location: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Role and Scope of Position:
This position develops and conducts technical training programs to ensure the safe and effective performance of the Electric Operations, Gas Operations and Meter Technical employees. Training includes both classroom and on-the-job training and would incorporate both conceptual and hands-on instructional methods. Responsibilities would also include participation in testing and evaluation of new tools, materials, and equipment, the ongoing revision and maintenance of standards and procedures, conducting of quality assurance audits and supervision evaluation and certification of field employees.
Essential Functions:
Works with field personnel and supervisors to analyze job tasks and current field performance to determine training needs and program content.
Effectively implements training programs and field quality audit programs.
Supervises, directs and instructs trainees during classroom, hands-on and on-the-job training assignments.
Evaluates performance during training and follows up on students learning through field visits, observations and refresher training.
Provides updates and incorporates new procedures and revisions into training programs and reviews work with vendors, technical experts, engineers, field personnel to provide operational input into the selection and operation on new equipment and development of new construction standards.