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Senior JIRA Developer
Ref No.: 18-10449
Location: San Francisco, California
We are looking to find a senior Atlassian engineer that has expert experience with JIRA, Jira Service Desk and Confluence in the enterprise Data Center configuration providing architectural leadership and mentoring qualities.
Responsible for managing multiple projects as well as operational tasks.
Service Health - Responsible for managing the health of our Atlassian Data Center configuration including node health, optimization and tuning
Support - Responsible for support during business hours for the entire Atlassian stack as well as being on-call for support.
Monitoring - Experience defining requirements and implementing monitoring of Data Center infrastructure for JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, and Confluence
Plugin Management - Responsible for managing existing plugins, evaluating, testing and deploying new plugins to address customer requirements
JIRA - Our Jira environment has over 200+ projects that include large interdependent projects for our product and engineering organizations for bug tracking and issue tracking, custom applications leveraging the API, large IT project with more traditional ITIL service management issuetypes
JIRA Service Desk - Our Jira Service Desk environment is a highly customized user experience
Responsible for JSD plugin for evaluating new versions, documenting new features, providing training to other team members on these updates, implementation of updates
Responsible for maintaining existing JSD portal homepages using Refined Theme for JSD including design, configuration, testing, and deployment through DEV —> STAGE —> PROD environments.
Responsible for CSAT plugin configuration and management
Responsible for email customization using templates updating existing and creating new templates
Responsible for data quality across the JSD environment for all fields required for reporting in EazyBI.
Responsible for EazyBI reporting plugin to manage all accounts, data quality, data import, updates to existing reports, developing new custom reports, training for team members and customers, developing KPI dashboards from individual reports.
Responsible for managing all Confluence spaces including permissions, developing space templates, maintaining existing spaces and creating new spaces to customer requirements
Experience with Brikit Theme Press plugin used extensively as a UI theming plugin. Requirements to manage existing themes, creating new themes to requirements and troubleshooting UI issues with spaces using the plugin.
Experience using Brikit targeted search is preferable.

5+ years as an Atlassian expert with the Atlassian Data Center platform with JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence applications
Atlassian certification for JIRA, JIRA Service Desk and Confluence, with a preference of experience with deployment and management of the before mentioned applications in an Atlassian Data Center configuration.
Ability to work on cross-functional projects demanding collaboration, communication and project management skills needed to be successful in a fast-paced environment.
Ability to be an effective communicator when reviewing customer requirements to be translated into technical requirements.
Effective documentation skills to properly define new policies, run books, change requests, requirements documents
Experience working in a service management environment where IT organizations adhere to ITIL processes including request fulfillment, Incident management, change management, problem management.
Experience working in an agile software development where work is managed in development sprints including backlog grooming, sprint planning, sprint execution, deployments and sprint retrospectives
Experience writing custom plugins and scripts for the Atlassian Suite.
Experience working with the following JIRA Service Desk plugins is preferred: Refined Theme for JSD, Candylio CSAT, Extensions, Canned Responses, Similar Issues, Active Directory User sync
Experience working with EazyBI business intelligence plugin for JIRA/JIRA Service Desk
Experience working with hardware and software automation and configuration using Chef and Terraform with the Atlassian Data Center environment.