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Construction Manager - Substation Engineering (Physical/Electrical)
Ref No.: 18-10424
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Title: Construction Manager - Substation Engineering (Physical/Electrical)
Duration: 12+ Months Contract (Possible extension)
Location: Allentown, PA 18101

  • Substation Engineering (Physical/Electrical)
  • As on-site Owner's Engineer (OE), the contractor, in general, will lead the execution, review, and comment on the work performed by 's selected Design Contractor(s) or Internal Designers to ensure it meets 's expectations and standards. Typical responsibilities of this role are below:
  • Leads the individuals required to administer, monitor, manage, and execute the contractor substation engineering resources and activities associated with projects.
  • Acts as the substation asset owner for projects. Responsible for coordinating information between other functional groups and design firms.
  • Responsible for developing a decision evaluation matrix when evaluating items which affects scope, budget, and cost.
  • Participates in the evaluation of substation engineering bid proposals and helps determine the successful engineering firm.
  • Provides the necessary technical expertise and oversight to the engineering contractor and other required groups, to ensure deliverables meet design expectations.
  • Works closely with Project Management and Construction Management to ensure engineering provides a safe, cost effective constructible design which meets all deliverables.
  • Accountable for addressing entire engineering scope.
  • Responsible for the aication of organizational policies. Elevates and reinforces a strong safety culture within the work group, through daily leadership, communication and behaviors.
  • Act as the engineering lead for the project on behalf.
  • Coordinating resources and schedules to meet established deadlines.
  • Guide the engineering process through established workflows and checkpoints.
  • Ensure the design appropriately utilizes established specifications.
  • As 's on-site Owner's Engineer (OE), the contractor, in general, will oversee, review and comment on the work performed by 's selected Construction Contractor(s) ensuring work meets the design standards set forth:
  • The construction meets engineering scope and criteria.
  • Maintaining 2 week look ahead on construction and engineering needs.
  • Providing weekly construction status reports.
  • Verify that construction meets the design criteria for the project.
  • Interacting with construction inspectors.
  • Addressing any engineering challenges which occur during construction.
  • The OE may also be required to develop standards on a project basis or program basis similar to below:
  • Work with manufactures to determine products or materials needed for each project.
  • Develop standards based off new materials.
  • Record and document standards and catalogue units in records.
  • The OE will arrange a pre-design meeting with representatives from each functional group to assure that:
  • The Scope of Work is reviewed for accuracy and completeness.
  • All necessary and defined deliverables are in-hand.
  • The aicable specifications to be utilized on the project are identified.
  • Any issues that need to be resolved or require special attention are identified.
  • The OE will arrange preliminary field walk-downs for the purpose of assuring that the Design Contractor(s) :
  • Review the site for design and constructability obstacle/issues.
  • Identify potential access and associated environmental/permitting issues.
  • Identify any additional field survey that may be required to complete the design.
  • Define the access and locates where any necessary soil borings shall take place.
  • Define any open right-of-way issues and/or aicable design restrictions.
  • Sufficiently early in the design stage, the OE will review the Design Contractor's preliminary designs to assure that the Line Design Contractor:
  • Has addressed and met all required criteria.
  • Is consistent with industry standard criteria.
  • Has completed all the steps in the design process.
  • At the Design Complete stage, the OE will review the Design Contractor's check-off list to assure that:
  • All design parameters were identified and met.
  • All permitting requirements are identified and being cared for.
  • Is consistent with industry standard criteria.
  • Has completed all the steps in the design process.

  • At the Design Complete stage, the OE will review the Design Contractor's drawing set to assure that:
  • All drawing details are complete and provide sufficient and necessary information for the project to be constructed.
  • All drawing details are adequate to document the final design criteria utilized.
  • The drawing content is readable and understandable and is provided in a professional drawing style or according to requirements, as so specified.
  • This Owner's Engineer (OE) position will be based out of the General Office in Allentown. The position may be both office based and field based when required; the determination of work location will be based on workload and activities. expects the OE to be flexible in reporting to a field location for field reviews and construction support.
We expect the contractor to work independently to organize and complete assignments by the set forth and agreed schedule.