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Linguist Phonetics
Ref No.: 18-09678
Location: Menlo Park, California
We are looking for linguists to help develop the data infrastructure for ASR and TTS systems. Our team is responsible for collecting speech data, evaluating and implementing labeling and transcription systems, preparing and editing scripts for recording sessions, and writing the software tools to process, display, distribute, and ensure the quality of the data.

We need linguists who understand language as data, who think analytically and systematically, who are familiar with waveforms and spectrograms, and who can develop and evaluate ways of mapping between spoken and written forms. Candidates should understand the basics of computer programming, have at a minimum written code for processing text files, and be willing and able to learn new programming languages and techniques.

We value expertise in any sub-field of linguistics (knowledge of phonetics is required), expect a passion for the scientific study of language, and require research experience that includes an understanding of the scientific method and experimental design. We are seeking new colleagues who work well on teams, are open to different viewpoints, and can quickly agree on the most optimal solutions to speech data problems.

If you know that speech and language data is the underpinning of all current language technologies, if you love practical language analysis as well as theoretical, and if you are ready to adapt your unique skill set to a diverse range of products and problems, then this may be the job for you!

The successful candidate will be engaged in general responsibilities and at least one specialized role.
General Responsibilities
Evaluate speech data for dialectal variation
Phonetically transcribe speech data
Determine quality standards for annotation
Collect phonetically balanced data sets
Build and/or pilot software tools for data evaluation and management

Specialized Roles
A Phonetics Lead to manage projects with varying team members, coordinate project requirements across customer needs, organize work to meet deadlines, thoroughly evaluate design choices, integrate projects with the Facebook codebase, and disseminate results to improve team visibility
An ASR Phonetician to create and perfect both text normalization and inverse text normalization processes from start to finish, including data cleaning, mapping, and ensuring appropriate casing and punctuation
A TTS Phonetician to ensure high-quality label alignments, oversee POS tagger results, manage quantitative user research studies, acquire and evaluate corpora for TTS modeling
A Voice Designer to prepare dialect-targeted scripts for data elicitation, coach and record voice talent, review speech files for quality, accuracy, and consistency
A Tools Developer to create tools for data annotation, data storage, and quality evaluation with an eye towards the long-term