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Public Content Contractor
Ref No.: 18-08700
Location: Mountain View, California
Project Name: Monetization Integrity
The team specializes in providing top-notch support to FB’s content creators who create content that might conflict with monetization policies. The team manages the end-to-end support experience for creators who become ineligible to monetize due to violating Monetization Eligibility Standards (MES) and/or Brand Safety guidelines.
The team would review requests submitted via internal and external reporting channels. Each member would be trained on relevant policies necessary to make decisions (i.e. Brand Safety guidelines and Implementation Standards). Primary responsibilities include:
Respond to internal and external requests within SLAs
Provide excellent service to all stakeholders (i.e. content creators, XFN partners, etc.)
Serve as an “on-call” in case of emergencies (may require weekend shifts)
Provide language support for the team if content needs to be translated
Aggregate partner feedback

Public Content Contractor
Ability to quickly absorb training on product and tool functionality
Strong attention to detail and commitment to high accuracy
Self-starter with experience surfacing trends proactively
Communicates clearly verbally and via email
Experienced Facebook user on mobile and web
Ability to perform well autonomously