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Scientist I
Ref No.: 18-07036
Location: Carlsbad, California
Position Objective This scientist will execute service based projects that primarily consist of genome engineering tool generation using the cutting edge cloning and genomic engineering techniques from the Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio.  This scientist will be expected to support projects and lead projects by leading cloning, sequencing, generation, and bio-informatics with an extensive use of automated liquid handling and laboratory information management systems.  This scientist will act in a highly collaborative manner with the rest of the team through design, sequencing, analysis and large-scale manipulations of projects.  Projects may include, but not be limited to subcloning, plasmid preparations, in vitro transcription of RNA, lentiviral production; these projects may be driven by internal project design or by external collaborations.Scope of NeedThe successful individual will directly interact with R&D scientists and project management to execute a large number of specific project workplans.  The scientist will be responsible for executing portions of these plans to meet agreed upon deliverables and timelines.  These activities will require a high level of independence as well as the ability to work in a highly cooperative team.This role will involve the following tasks:Liquid handling:Experience using liquid handling instrumentation for cloning, sequencing (Sanger and NGS), cell culture and cell-based assays, and molecular biologyCell Culture of adherent and suspension cell types:Transfection, transduction, antibiotic-selection, clonal expansionFlow cytometryMolecular Biology:Plasmid subcloning, DNA preparations, DNA sequencing, in vitro transcription of RNA, packaging of lentivirus, PCR, RT-PCR, TaqMan® qPCRGenomic Editing:TALN and CRISPR based editing, design and implementationBio-informatics and Information ManagementExperience using bio-informatic approaches and tools in applied situationsExperience using, designing, maintaining or administering LIMS systems to manage laboratory executionSpecifically, experience with Nautilus LIMS from Thermo Fisher Scientific will be a significant plusThis individual will also be expected to support and participate in R&D and project management meetings.Capabilities and CompetenciesThis position requires the following capabilities and competencies:Multi-tasking and maintaining clear records of work performedProven sterile tissue culture techniqueUse of automation for liquid handlingAbility to:Observe deviations from the expected outcomes and trouble-shootSucceed with a moderate level of supervision and guidanceStrong communication and teamwork orientation with demonstrable influence/interpersonal skillsThis position will benefit from: Proven experience:Sequencing DNA on multiple platformsFlow cytometryBioinformatics tools for design and analysisUsing LIMS to support laboratory executionEducation:Candidates with a bachelor's degree will be considered.Experience:Required:          1+ year experience in cell cultureRequired:          experience in automation for liquid handlingPreferred:         experience in flow cytometryPreferred:         experience in cloningPreferred:         experience in industryPreferred:         experience DNA sequencingPreferred:         experience with bio-informatics/LIMSContacts:The Program Manager will interact with internal employees and management, as well as third party providers, and customers.Working Conditions:The vast majority of working time will be spent in a laboratory environment.  Work will be focused around cell culture, designing, ordering, cloning and otherwise manipulating DNA constructs, and generating either lentivirus or in vitro transcribed RNA using automated liquid handling equipment and LIMS.  Sequencing will also be critical throughout these tasks, using both capillary electrophoresis and the Ion Personal Genome machine.Proven experience using automated liquid handlers and the use, design or support Nautilus LIMS to execute projects will be a significant plus compared to other candidates.  Experience in industry will also be considered a significant differentiator.  Some time will be spent at the desk recording laboratory activities appropriately in notebooks.Must be capable of observing and adhering to lab safety standards and protocols.  Flexibility in work schedule may be required:  Early mornings, late evenings or weekend work may be required to maintain project schedules.Critical to success in this position will be the individual's ability to work independently on some projects and to provide collaboratively on others.  This individual must be able to identify deviations from expected outcomes and participate in trouble-shooting those deviations and suggesting alternatives.  Equally important will be the ability to work as part of a team in the laboratory (extended R&D team) as well as a broader cross-functional team (R&D, Project Management, Collaborator).