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Systems Engineer II
Ref No.: 18-06843
Location: Seattle, Washington
Job Description:

System Development Engineer
The work we would like the system engineers to perform is:
1) Handle all auto-ticketed or manually-cut tickets/pages for which the NDS team has a set runbook in place
2) Build new system automation around our services and pipelines towards complete ZT (Zero Touch) region builds
3) Rearrange, split (when shared among services), reconfigure and maintain (monitor and scale) our hostclasses and fleet until we reach ZT
4) Build new regions based on given runbooks until we reach ZT
5) Implement LPT for all global services
6) Implement security measures and other tasks to address all security, availability and best practices requirements as described both by Client's Policy Engine ( as well as our own internal NSA team's best practices for fleet management 7) Reduce our fleet footprint by helping the team move services to run on Native AWS

Experience with coding in at least one language: JAVA, Python, C++
5+ years experience in Linux Operating System Engineering field or similar , Understanding of Linux authentication mechanisms (Kerberos, SSH, SU, certificates)
3+ years proficiency in scripting languages (Python, BASH, Shell or other)
Communication skills with the ability to engage remote teams and work with engineers and management
Ability to collect data and draw analysis conclusions from it using Excel and other reporting tools
Ability to break down complex problems into corrective actions
Ability to asses technical risk
Basic Understanding of a Software Stack Architecture
Experience in networking and network management
Familiarity with Software Architecture best practices
Experience with maintaining highly distributed software systems
Able to work autonomously, prioritize and drive delivery
Exposure to databases and able to write SQL queries
Reason for Request: