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Engineering - Project Manager
Ref No.: 18-06661
Location: Carlsbad, California
* Gathering requirements at various production facilities by observation, interaction with site production/maintenance/engineering staff, video taping and time element analysis, gathering samples, making part/equipment/floorplan measurements.
* Experience specifying automated production equipment - writing a request for quotation (RFQ) or user requirements summary (URS) document.
* Facilitating team discussions to gain consensus on requirements, brainstorming of concepts, evaluation of concepts.
* Project management - plan out all project activities, relationships, team members, responsibilities, update meetings, minutes, periodic management reviews, etc.
* The individual needs to have sound mechanical design experience with SolidWorks. Ideally machine/fixture design versus purely product design. Controls/electrical can be supplemented with other staff depending on the project.
* Projects may be in-house design/build or integrating purchased machines/components or specify/purchase/install/validate type.
* Alternatively, the individual could be more of an automation engineer in which case we would need to supplement them with mechanical design help where needed.
* Experience with and knowledge of automated production machinery to develop an overall concept, component selection, BOM, basic electrical/control requirements, search/evaluate commercially available solutions, make/buy analysis, FAT, install, debug, establish SOPs, PMs and spare parts, train staff, validate.
* Travel up to 25%