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Entry level mobile Engineer
Ref No.: 18-05830
Location: Foster City, California
Experience needed: Beginner level with 0-3 years of professional work experience.

Project summary: The main function of this security engineer will be to design and develop a mobile SDK for both Android and iOS operating systems for an existing web based application.
1. Develop and test a mobile application that can collecting gesture (and other event driven information), gyroscope and accelerometer information at foreground/background
2. Develop and test Javascript code that can run in a browser to capture user gesture (and other event driven information), gyroscope and accelerometer information across major stream browsers running in mobile devices.
3. Send HTTPS request with collected information in separate thread other than monitoring thread (i.e. multi-thread programming in mobile)

o Masters degree in computer science or equivalent training required
o 0-3 years of experience required

Responsibility level
o Exercises minimal independent judgment with direction from supervisor
o Verbal and written communication skills, problem solving skills, customer service and interpersonal skills (Required)
o Basic ability to work independently and manage one’s time (Required)

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:
o Be able to design new and migrate existing REST API endpoints
o Be able to work with existing JS and other front-end technologies
o Be able to migrate existing web application to a mobile SDK for both iOS and Android
o Be able to extract unique telemetry from the mobile device for the SDK and leverage secure programming techniques.
o Identify problems uncovered by testing or customer feedback and correct problems
o Evaluate code to ensure it is valid, meets industry standards and is compatible with devices or operation systems
o Knowledge for different mobile OS.
o Knowledge for http & https

List of skillsets needed:
1. Java and Swift (Kotlin preferred but not required)
2. Javascript
3. Mobile simulator