Previous Job
Meter Reader 2
Ref No.: 18-03539
Location: SALT LAKE CITY, Utah
Title: Meter Reader 2
Location: Salt Lake city, UT
Duration: 2 years+

1-Basic understanding of AMR process.
2-Basic knowledge of personal computer.
3-Skill in using hand tools including screwdriver, hacksaw and awl.
4-Ability to walk 3 - 7 miles per day.
5-Ability to read and record figures accurately.
6-Ability to communicate effectively in order to handle customer situations and concerns. 7-Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
8-Ability to do basic math to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
9-Ability to hear to respond to internal and external inquiries.
10-Ability to understand and complete written and oral instructions.
11-Ability to see objects at close range.
12-Ability to see in the distance and to determine the distance and relationship between objects.
13-Ability to work independently.
14-Ability to be courteous to co-workers and customers, follow directions from supervisors and refrain from using abusive or profane language and behavior in the workplace.
15-Ability to contribute to a positive work environment.

Additional Qualifications:
1-Undergo random drug and/or alcohol testing with satisfactory results subject to DOT and company requirements depending on specific job duties.
2-May require walking 3 - 7 miles per day.
3-Possession of a valid driver's license for the size and type of vehicle that will be driven on the job.
4-Must have an acceptable driving record.
5-Must adhere to all policies established by Company, including the Client Business Ethics and Compliance Policy. Must also adhere to all applicable industry rules and regulations such as FERC compliance. 6-Requires wearing Company provided uniform.
7-Will be required to hold a clipboard and record reads on meter sheets.
8-Regular attendance is required.

To accurately read meters either manually and/or reading meters with the automated meter reading process.
1-Reads meters and records readings on a timely basis; either manually (walking) or reading with a Mobile Interrogation Unit (MIU).
2-Reads specials (MS/MZ, IZ).
3-Routes daily meter reading.
4-Inspects and installs transponders.
5-Reports unusual conditions encountered.
6-Conducts special meter readings.
7-Assists Business Office Representatives regarding customer inquiries.
8-Reports any noticeable gas leaks. (potential emergency response)
9-Inspects meters for DOT
10-Performs other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
1-May require sitting for long periods of time while driving.
2-Requires working in extreme cold or hot temperatures on uneven or slippery surfaces.
3-May require working overtime, weekends, different shifts (evening/midnight) and/or holidays.
4-Requires frequent bending, squatting, climbing and twisting.
5-Will be exposed to unfriendly dogs.

Applicant will be installing AMR (automated reading devices) on the gas meters. They will be out side working in the field in all weather types. Walking up to 3-5 miles per day. Interacting with the Client customers. They will be paid an hourly wage plus an incentive. Incentives are Transponder Change Out @ $4.00 and Drill Out @ $5.00. Training will be provided for this job. This is an entry level position.

Background checks:
Non-Nuclear Background Check