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Excecutive Assistant
Ref No.: 18-00902
Location: BELLEVUE, Washington
Job Title: Executive Assistant
Location: Bellevue, WA
Duration: 12 Months

Job Description
  • Build relationships with external and internal customers on behalf of the department. Multi-task with high energy and work under pressure while maintaining an 'ambassador' approach to problem solving.
  • Provide dedicated support in all aspects of day to day activities. Actively manage/maintain all aspects of the executive's calendar including scheduling of internal and external meetings, preparing agendas, meeting minutes and materials. Arrange door to door travel arrangements. Effectively 'manage up' executive?s email, ensuring items are posted correctly to calendar and assessing for matters of urgency; responding to executive?s correspondence on behalf of executive as necessary. Complete detailed expense report, answer incoming calls, and review incoming mail. Track and manage budget, including processing purchase orders and invoices, interface with accounting, pro-actively follow up with outside vendors. Prepare and edit presentations in PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Create an efficient office environment through the organization of files, reports, and processes.
  • Executive Business Administrator to the Chief Digital Marketing Officer

Manage All Aspects of CDMO Calendar
  • This includes full and complete ownership of the calendar
  • CDMO calendar requests come to administrator's inbox
  • All email or verbal requests to schedule time with CDMO/from CDMO calendar should come to administrator
  • Administrator will respond to conflicts as soon as they see them and where assistance is needed for a resolve administrator will send those notes out/ask questions as quickly as possible to ensure timely resolve
  • Administrator will respond to requests for speaking engagements for CDMO. If CDMO is not available and it makes sense, administrator will suggest another speaker in CDMO's place
  • Administrator will know how to manage the expectation around scheduling inside many time zones and know what is possible to accommodate and what isn't
  • Administrator will manage to CDMO's expectation how the calendar should flow, how many early mornings the CDMO will do in a week, how many late days they will do and so on
  • Administrator will respond to meeting request on behalf of CDMO, and make sure to note in declines CDMO apologies and suggest if time is needed or prep work sent that the organizer reach out to administrator w/ details. Always ask if a delegate is needed or have one ready to suggest
  • If there is a need for a meeting to be sent from CDMO calendar, an email should be sent to administrator with the request for scheduling will full details (as shown below) needed for the meeting to be sent out. This allows the administrator to prioritize the request on the calendar. Administrator will also embed the details in the invite so the attendees know what they're accepting and the intention of the meeting.
  • Meeting Title:
  • Date: What is the absolute date this needs to happen by (last minute requests should be the exception not the rule)
  • Time: Is there a time zone issue to note?
  • Attendees:
  • Intended Outcome of the Meeting:
Manage Detailed Travel Plans for CDMO
  • This includes working closely with team members in the field/at HQ who will travel with CDMO or be receiving the CDMO in their locale
  • This includes working closely with directs and their teams to schedule internal meetings and external meetings for CDMO while traveling, and possibly for additional executives when accompanying CDMO
  • Building travel plans via maps and lining up hotels and distances from airports to meeting destination, hotels, all included
  • This includes working with lead EA so they know and expect CDMO to be out of office when traveling and there are no surprises around expected attendance from CDMO
  • Any previously scheduled meetings will all need to be adjusted to accommodate travel on the calendar and communicated out with appropriate lead time
  • Schedule any prep meetings required for internal executive meetings, customer, partner, or otherwise external meetings
  • Work closely with any of our internal counterparts and customer, partner, or otherwise external counterparts accommodating scheduling of meetings at CDMO destination
  • This includes passport/visa preparation

Manage Expenses for CDMO:
  • Compile CDMO receipts and organize
  • Identify missing receipts and call hotels/restaurants/etc. to retrieve missing documentation
  • Build expense reports within a week of when CDMO returns from travel
  • Flag any issues to CDMO as quickly as possible
  • See the reports through to processing and payment
  • Stay up to date on what are approved expenses when policy changes
Support of Chief of Staff Processes:
  • Update ROB tracking documents as changes/meetings are scheduled and come into play
  • Check in w/ COS when a delegate may be needed for an executive level meeting or there is a question around process or rhythm
  • Support or relieve COS with processes as needed
  • Partner with COS on plan for all meetings needing prep and presentations
  • Partner with COS on plan for logistics management for all internal meetings
Support of Broader Team:

All Hands:
  • Partner with internal communications team on invites for All Hands and questions around event and attendees

  • Manage creation and maintenance of all team aliases and make sure they are nested properly into alias hierarchy. Direct reports' administrators to keep aliases clean
  • Check in w/ Lead EA on aliases regularly for updates
  • Check in often with recruiters and collect spreadsheets from directs' administrators of positions open under CDMO, and note when they have been opened for recruiting, and when they have been filled
  • Keep current organizational chart and work with directs' administrators to collect current info
  • Be proactive with requests from recruiting to schedule interviews for CDMO
Scheduling for Team:
  • 1:1s
  • Skip Level 1:1s
  • Suggested skip level cadence and attendees
  • Meetings for HR
  • Meetings for Finance
  • Accommodate CDMO's Manager, Peers and their Chief of Staff requests for time or suggested meetings for CDMO to take on their behalf
  • Request documentation/agendas for escalations or meetings outside of typical routine for CDMO.
  • Continuously support cross team collaboration across time zones and CDMO's office – manage expectations of CDMO's calendar and availability proactively
  • Schedule CLIENT Talk conversations in line with expected deadlines for completion
  • Provide guidance and counsel as needed for processes/preferences/ in regards to CDMO