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Warehouse Operator I Warehouse Operator I
Ref No.: 17-15595
Location: Malvern, Pennsylvania
This is a 70% floor / 30% desk breakdown. Below is a further description of the workload. We call it stations. Each day each technician is assigned to a station. We try to rotate but with every employee, their likes and expertise draw them to a specific station. Any one station is an all day activity. But again, we rotate to keep things fresh. Here are the details of each station:
Pre-Shipping Computer work - Sitting at a desk doing the data entry for every shipment Picking - Pulling individual kits from shelves staging them for verification. Orders can be anywhere from 1 to 50 kits. Each kits weighs only ounces.
Reader 1 - working at a table verifying that what was picked matches the order Reader 2 - same as reader 1, just a second check.
Packing - First computer work at the computer station to pull off the final paperwork. Then, pulling all packing supplies and packing. This is where lifting comes into play. We have equipment to help with all heavy lifting (electric lift carts, pallet jacks, etc). I limit the guys to about 30-40 lbs but in reality if you use the equipment wisely, maybe 25-30 lbs tops FEDEX 1 - Computer work at a station to print and verify labels. Moving final shipper to FEDEX 2. Again the same lifting requirements listed under packing FEDEX 2 - Verification of all FEDEX 1 work and moving the shipper to the dock. Same lifting requirements listed under packing Post-Shipping Computer work - representing the shipment in the system, tracking it through to delivery and maintaining the computer during it's transit

Good People Skills and good with numbers. The person must be capable of performing repetitive motions and lifting small to medium sized loads of 30 to 50 pounds. The person must be detailed oriented, dependable, and able to work independently and also in a team environment