Previous Job
Pharmacology Associate I
Ref No.: 17-15427
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Job Description: • Within the Internal Medicine Research Unit (IMRU), the Metabolism group is focusing on identifying Client therapies to improve metabolic homeostasis in patients afflicted with metabolic disease, cardiovascular diseases and related complications. Our goal is to build an exciting team focused on deep mechanistic understanding of the peripheral control of energy metabolism. The aim is to recruit a scientifically and technically strong in-vivo physiologist and in-vitro molecular biologist. The successful candidate is expected to possess strong rodent in-vivo experience and broad in-vitro technical skills. The position will require a split between in-vivo and in-vitro pharmacology studies. 1-5 years of laboratory experience is desired, however, not required.

Position Responsiblities:
• Broad understanding of Biology, preferably with an emphasis in Metabolism
• Apply scientific and technical expertise (both in-vitro and in-vivo) to drug discovery programs to impact the future of new drug candidate development
• Ability to conduct experiments and analyze data
• Ability to conduct in-vivo studies and assist in tissue processing and analysis.

Technical Skills:
• Tissue processing
• DNA and RNA extraction
• qPCR
• Proficiency in the use of software to support analysis such as Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook) and GraphPad Prism
• Proven ability to: work and think independently and creatively; design a well-controlled experiment; analyze results with a keen, critical mind; organize results and generate presentations; present results in small and large group meetings in a clear and organized manner; be an affable and energetic colleague and team player.
• Rodent in-vivo experience ideal, however, not required
Position Comments visible to MSP and Supplier: *backfill needed ASAP *