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Cloud Business Analyst (547160)
Ref No.: 17-15139
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Description :
Job Summary:  
Cloud Business Unit is growing and we need an experienced, motivated and adaptable analyst to support our management team in our endeavor to understand and grow our business through scientific and data driven methodologies. In this role, you will support design and development of metrics, business dashboards, data definitions and analytics activities. This key role will also support development of our data exchange with strategic Hyperscaler partners: Amazon Web Services, MSAzure, BlueMix and Google Computing Platform (GCP) and merge business insights with our Enterprise data ecosystem to accelerate new cloud pathways and manage our SaaS business partnerships effectively. We need data real-time and we believe standalone spreadsheets and slides are no way to run a fast-paced, innovative SaaS focused Cloud organization! 
Job Requirements:
• Deploy real-time, user friendly dashboards and visuals that quickly indicate organizational health or performance gaps • Develop and analyze metrics across cloud sales and marketing processes and products, ex., Lead management metrics, ARR, CAC, LTV, etc., • Support integration of multiple data sources from around the company and external sources (AWS, Azure, GCP, BlueMix etc.,) to assess cloud products performance and identify gaps/opportunities. • Analyze product and business performance on key dimensions for revenue, retention, and engagement • Partner with cross-functional analytics and business teams to support operationalization of SaaS metrics, dashboards/ reports, and business analysis. • Support development of decision ready, high quality models supporting our Hyperscaler relationships that include consumption and usage, marketplace, incentive, demand generation, program compliance, purchase lifecycle experience /cycle times and MDF /Co-op administration. • Support forecasting, modeling, retention, and LTV analysis for recurring subscription billing business • Adhere to Cloud Business Unit practices for user data collection, analysis, and reporting, working closely with leadership, engineers, IT, external partners and product managers to implement it • Support experimentation efforts (A/B testing) for product innovations and marketing optimization • Support marketing and sales analytical efforts to understand program effectiveness (social media, event participation, webinars, etc.) • Leverage our existing analytics tools, testing tools, and reporting methods (e.g., Splunk, Elasticsearch/Kibana, Google Analytics, SQL) and prioritize and implement improvements to our data pipelines, analytics toolkits, and reporting processes
Education & Experience:
• Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in relevant area (Math, Statistics, Economics, Finance,
Computer Science). Masters or MBA a plus.
• 4+ years of experience in data analytics, data modeling, and data management practices.
• 1+ years of experience working as a consultant with business stakeholders including finance,
marketing, and partner organizations.
• Strong understanding of data analytics principles and practices, and experience with forecasting
and statistical modelling (multi-variable regression, classification, correlation etc.,) in Excel and R/
• Demonstrated experience in developing business intelligence solutions, handling large volumes of
data, analyzing trends, and making recommendations to all functions of the business to manage
costs and drive revenue and growth.
• Experience with cloud analysis and visualization tools, including traditional business tools like
Oracle BIEE, Tableau, SFDC, HubSpot, Eloqua, etc.,
• Understand the SaaS business model and support in benchmarking against the industry standard
measures that demonstrate a healthy well-managed business
• Possess an understanding of latest trends in data management, processing and visualization.
• Proven ability to conceive and test hypotheses based on inconclusive or incomplete data from
unstructured data and creating structures that lend themselves to analysis.
• Proficiency in the use of professional tools for analysis of data from program evaluations
• Background in statistical analysis and familiarity with core statistical functions, including
multivariate regression, correlation models, and analysis of variance
• Experience with sophisticated data management methodologies including data cleansing and
processing, predictive modeling, correlating disparate data, storytelling and visualization.
• Ability to deal with ambiguity, be self-driven and multitask
• Excellent communication and presentation skills with the ability to present the findings to a variety
of audiences.
Location Sunnyvale, CA