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Dev Ops Engineer - Contract to hire - Atlanta, GA
Ref No.: 17-15046
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Position Type:Right to Hire
DevOps Engineer (Application Analyst)
Atlanta, Georgia
6 Month Contract to hire

Candidate Requirements:
The DevOps Engineer will provide support for the team's hardware and software needs including helping in the process of requesting changes as needed by the different team members. Alongside the support role, the engineer will collaborate with the team members to acquire the knowledge from the applications being built in order to provide assessments of infrastructure solutions and then be able to turn these assessments into technical requirements that can be delivered to the FDC network or system engineers or carry-out the requirements into the internal cloud solutions. The engineer should be able to work closely with the developers in the team to provide and support local infrastructure setups that will allow the developers to work on their projects.
The DevOps engineer therefore should be able to generate technical requirements from internal customers and provide testing mechanisms that will allow the "certification " of such solutions prior to delivery to the internal customers whom requested them.

In addition the DevOps engineer should be able to provide design, analysis and solutions for UI related needs by the different teams within the organization. The engineer should have the ability to gather requirements and provide a solution for UI needs with little to no supervision, including the delivery of mock-ups, wireframes and other items that will help in the correct selection of solutions and decision making on this area.

Lastly the DevOps engineer will provide design, analysis, implementation and support for any and all CI/CD related to the teams within the organization and work closely with the developers to ensure their understanding and correct use of any tools available for these methodologies.

Functions (duties)
- Provide support to team members for any hardware and software requirements for desktops/laptops
- Provide analysis, design and technical documentation for infrastructure requirements for different application
- Provide implementation plans for infrastructure requirements
- Provide validation tests to ensure the infrastructure was implemented as designed and intended and will meet all of the application requirements
- Provide design, analysis, implementation, delivery and support for application related UI needs.
- Provide design, implementation and support for CI/CD infrastructure and procedures
- Provide support to development team in local development setup and infrastructure instantiation (Containers)

Must Haves:
Strong background in Linux/Unix
Strong background in Containerization and AWS
Strong background in Web development (Full Stack development)
Strong background in SQL language
Strong background in SDLC
Strong background in automation CI/CD
Strong communication skills
Strong analytical skills
Proven DevOps experience in large enterprise organizations

Like to Have:
Knowledge of Testing tools usage and implementation
Knowledge of UI design and development
Knowledge of Mock-ups, wireframing and prototyping web application UI
Preferred Qualifications Linux/Unix, Containerization, AWS, CI/CD, SDLC, Some Web Development, System Administration
Interview Required: Yes