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Tech Yahoo, Software Dev Eng, Sr
Ref No.: 17-14152
Location: Sunnyvale, California
Job Title: Tech Yahoo, Software Dev Eng, Sr
Duration: 0-10 month(s)

A little about us:
A Little About Us Our team is founded on four cultural tenets: passion, collaboration, transparency, and "GSD". We work in a deeply collaborative and highly efficient manner to allow engineers of any level to make deep, meaningful impact to the product, as well as the business. Our contributions directly impact Oath's bottom line -- we enable the monetization of publisher content across the web and mobile, and facilitate brand awareness and exposure. Our technology scales to over 6 billion requests on a daily basis, runs real-time auctions in milliseconds, and serves millions of ads a day. A Lot About You You are a seasoned software engineer with several years of experience building and maintaining business critical web applications. As a skilled and passionate leader, you will be working with a strong, cross-functional, and sometimes cross-geography team of engineers, and will design and develop applications that enable millions of dollars of ad revenue. You are a Javascript expert and understand modern frameworks such as Ember/React and are skilled with HTML and CSS. You are committed to building fully tested, high quality, and secure applications. Through your years of experience, you have developed a strong understanding of API technologies that back your web applications, and know how to build them to scale. You are a good communicator, demonstrated in at least one of the following ways: - Presenting technical implementation roadmaps to important clients or senior management - Conducting in-depth, quantitative capacity planning and performance profiling for a large, API backed web application - By running a post-mortem or retrospective on an outage or other production failure You are capable of embodying the team's cultural values: - Passion for their chosen work (in this case, engineering and mentorship) - Collaboration as a pattern for problem solving and building consensus - Transparency in the face of ambiguous or difficult situations - "Getting stuff done" through simple, pragmatic iteration and an unwavering focus on product needs Your Day - Lead development of frontend applications and supporting APIs that are validated by strong unit tests, continuous integration testing, and regression tests. - Iterate quickly and surgically to build features and systems designed to compete with a growing market of competitive video ad technology companies. - Contribute new concepts, techniques, designs and implementations that allow us to offer new and unique features to our clients. - Prioritize strategic and tactical team goals to create a roadmap to support the DSP team's business goals - Collaborate with current and new team members to build effective, robust solutions - Work with the business and conduct research into technologies and our problem space to support ongoing innovation and discovery of strategic opportunities - Train and mentor team members to make contributions to and provide production support for our web applications and supporting APIs - Support our applications in production; including working with our Support, Operations and Product teams to minimize incident impact on our business - Work closely with the UX team to plan and provide feedback for innovative new designs and feature ideas. - Collect and analyze system performance and metrics and tune application performance to meet aggressive SLAs. Requirements - You have a passion for your work, the technologies you build, and the people with whom you work. - You have successfully architected and led development of multiple business critical systems and applications - You are adept with multiple Javascript libraries, front-end frameworks, HTML, and CSS - You are familiar with server side javascript and command line javascript tools (NodeJs, NPM, Grunt, etc) - You are familiar with profiling and debugging complex next generation single page web applications