Ref No.: 18-00072
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Pay Rate : C$ 15.00 /Hour
We are continually growing our team by seeking a talented individual to fill a full-time position as a Packaging Line Worker in our Packaging Department.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Transporting finished products, and packaging materials throughout the plant manually, or with powered equipment
  • Scanning labels on supplies to verify the correct item being used and to determine the quantity
  • Basic set up, use, and adjustment of packaging equipment
  • Assisting process control and machine operator in performing their duties
  • Counting, weighing, measuring, and calculating ingredients and material
  • Maintaining clean work areas and equipment
  • Follow cleaning and sanitation procedures on the plant floor
  • Ensure products and packaging meet our quality standards
Required Skills:
  • Create and maintain an efficient, hygienic, and positive working environment
  • Promote health and safety in the workplace
  • Display good work ethic, resourcefulness, and organization
  • Understand the Good Manufacturing Practice's (GMPs) and Inspection Regulations
  • Ensure quality control and efficient workflow
  • Basic knife handling skills
  • Display positive leadership
Work Environment:
  • Work in a fast-paced, physically demanding, and high production setting, where there is a level of automation and time frame requirements
  • Lift and move heavy items (25 kg) such as cartons, bags, smoke sticks, racks, and tubs of full product
  • Carry out repetitive tasks with a positive attitude and be able to adapt to working in areas of hot or cold
  • Should be alert, patient and attentive to detail
  • Stand to perform tasks for long periods of time
Education and Training:
  • Secondary School Diploma or equivalent preferred