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Reference # : 18-01666 Title : Accounting Analysis Manager
Location : Redmond, WA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 12/05/2018  
 Job Description:
Job Description
Performing complex accounting functions associated with one or more of the following: maintain accounting records, develop financial statements and reports, process transactional data, detail review invoices, assist with source to pay process mapping.
5+ years experience
Story Behind the Need – Business Group & Key Projects
·         Business group
·         Team culture
·         Surrounding team & key projects
·         Purpose of this team
·         Reason for the request
·         Motivators for this need
  • Due to recent team changes, we are looking for 2 CWs to fill open spots on the team
  • All teams are customers of the AP department
Typical Day in the Role
·         Start & end dates
·         Daily schedule & OT expectations
·         Typical task breakdown and rhythm
·         Interaction level with team
·         Work environment description
·         Chance for flex hours or remote
·         Chance for extension later
  • Must be familiar with AP processing
  • Must be an independent/ critical thinker
  • The team workload is still being defined so these CWs must be comfortable with ambiguity
  • The CWs will communicate with the director and VP and the rest of the management team in AP
  • There will be communication with teams cross functional across the organization – all teams are a customer of AP
Compelling Story & Candidate Value Proposition
·         What makes this role interesting
·         Points about team culture
·         Competitive market comparison
·         Unique selling points
·         Value added or experience gained
  • This is an exciting opportunity rolling in directly to the director/ assistant controller and VP
  • There is potential for extension and conversion
  • These roles will be defined as time goes on so there is opportunity to learn new things and really make an impact on a core team for Starbucks
Candidate Requirements
·         Years of experience required
·         Degrees or certifications required
·         Disqualifiers
·         Best vs. average
·         Performance indicators
  • Must be team-player, the team is very collaborative
  • No prior SBUX experience is preferred – looking for fresh eyes
  • Starbucks utilizes many MANUAL processes so if candidate has a lot of experience with automated processes they may not have the experience we are looking for
  • Performance will be checked on at least with weekly 1on1s – team meetings as well
·         Top 3 must-have hard skills
·         Level of experience with each
·         Stack-ranked by importance
1 Must be a critical thinker and comfortable with ambiguity
2 Must have incredible attention to detail
3 Large ERP system experience – preferably Oracle