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Reference # : 18-56182 Title : Assistant/Associate Scientist
Location : East Syracuse, NY
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 10/19/2018 / 04/18/2019  
Job Title: Assistant/Associate Scientist
Work Location: East Syracuse, NY
Project Duration: 6 Months
Position Type: Contract Role
Client: A Big Pharmaceutical Company

Job Description
Responsible to conduct experiments for the purposes of providing robust and timely technical support for commercial upstream biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes consisting of cell banking, medium preparation, inoculum expansion, bioreactor production and primary recovery.

Job Responsibilities:
• The operation, cleaning and maintenance of laboratory equipment, the preparation of media and reagents
• Documentation of experimental data and results, data verification and the preparation of study protocols and final reports.
• Ensures laboratory maintenance to sustain a safe, effective and productive environment
• Prepares, reviews and/or approves technical documents, study designs or protocols, and final reports
• Assist study lead on troubleshooting process related problems observed at manufacturing scale through the effective design of scale-down studies and the evaluation of data from manufacturing lots. 

Job Scope:
General scientific knowledge and laboratory skills required. Knowledge in a few to several areas of mammalian cell culture, including process development, process characterization, process monitoring and troubleshooting, equipment design, continuous improvement and media development is preferred.

A B.A./B.S./M.S in Biological or Chemical Sciences/Engineering preferably with 0 to 2 years of experience in upstream biologics manufacturing.

Interested candidates can share their most updated resume at or they can reach out to me on #973-967-3412