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Reference # : 21-00311 Title : Civil Eng Tech 3
Location : Kalispell, MT
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 06/28/2021 / 07/02/2022  
Provide technical, design and document support to engineering and technical personnel by performing studies and tests of substantial variety. Review and present results necessary to control the proper analysis and integrity of engineering projects. Apply theory and principles of civil engineering in planning and maintaining structures and facilities.

SCA Crosswalk:
Civil Eng Tech 3 = Civil Engineering Technician (This position is a LEVEL 3)

Education & Applicable Fields:
A degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or a directly-related field is preferred.

Education & Experience Requirements:
Level 3:
? With a Bachelor?s Degree in applicable fields: 6 years of experience is required
? With an Associate?s Degree in applicable fields: 8 years of experience is required
? Without a Degree: 10 years of experience is required.
? Experience must include specific engineering technician experience and demonstrate a wide range of project tasks.

Typical Tasks may include but are not limited to:
? Perform simulation studies and document findings in formal reports.
? Compile technical results in summary form such as tables, reports, and graphics to support engineering staff.
? Develop and maintain databases related to engineering/scientific applications.
? Conduct efficiency studies on various projects and provide recommendations.
? Assist in the review and modification of One Line Diagrams and design drawings, using CAD software.
? Prepare and process work statements, procurement requests, detail sheets, receiving reports and invoices for various contracts.
? Perform field research by traveling to remote sites to collect physical data.
? Provide project design support.
? Draft dimensional drawings and design layouts for projects to verify conformance to specifications.
? Prepare reports and document project activities and data.
? Prepare reports and document testing and field observations.
? Support plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions.
? Plan and conduct field surveys to locate new sites and analyze details of project sites.
? Develop plans and estimate costs for installation of systems, utilization of facilities, or construction of structures.
? Conduct material testing and analysis using tools and equipment and applying engineering knowledge and principles.
? Inspect project site and review contractor work to detect design malfunctions and verify conformance to design specifications and applicable codes.
? Interpret project plans, drawings and specifications.
? Read and review project blueprints and structural specifications to verify dimensions of structure or system and material requirements.
? Calculate dimensions, square footage, profile and component specifications, and material quantities.
? Analyze proposed site factors and design maps, graphs, tracings, and diagrams to illustrate findings.
? Update, file, track, retrieve and maintain blueprints/drawings or other engineering records.
? Clean, maintain and calibrate equipment.
Note: Final drafts, documents or other products must be reviewed and approved by a BPA Federal employee with the authority to do so.