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Reference # : 18-00103 Title : Sr Site Reliability Engineer
Location : Redmond, WA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : 5 Years Start Date / End Date : 01/18/2018 / 07/18/2018  
Job Description:

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
Top Skills:
1. Kubernetes and Docker is the biggest gap on the team
a. Experience setting up a production grade environment.
2. Jenkins
3. Public Cloud (this team uses for Azure)

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
? Experience working with Kubernetes & Docker
? Experience with Jenkins in a CI/CD deployment capacity
? UNIX/LINUX and Windows and server experience, including expertise in system installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, performance tuning, preventative maintenance, capacity planning, monitoring, and security procedures
? Infrastructure as code expertise - Terraform, Cloudformation, etc.
? Experience in at least two relevant scripting or programming languages (Ruby, Perl, Python, Shell, PowerShell, etc.)
? Experience with Configuration Management platforms (Chef, Ansible, CFEngine, Puppet, etc.)
? Understanding of internet standards such as HTTP, DNS, FTP, SSH, HTML, XML, JDBC, ODBC, SNMP and other protocols
? Ability to build strong relationships and influence others across the organization
? Experience in build & deployment automation
? Experience working in Azure or AWS public cloud, Azure specifically a plus.

Why is this role open? What need will this worker fill?
We are building an automated deployment pipeline as a service (CI/CD). This toolchain will be built in Azure leveraging Jenkins and deployed on Kubernetes. It will be built so application teams within Starbucks are able to consume the pipeline as a service.

What does a typical work day entail? What are the daily tasks/responsibilities/deliverables?
Working with engineers on the team and completing tasks from our Kanban board.

What are the must/nice to have skills you are looking for in this CW?
Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Azure, AWS, CI/CD, Build Automation, coding, Infrastructure as Code.

This is a new team within the overall SRE org. They are building a product/service for use within Starbucks Technology, it's an automatic Deployment pipeline service. This person will be working with primarily the other engineers on the team (60-70% of the time) and a to a degree the other internal customer teams (30 ish % ) that want to work with them. There is a lead on the team will be doing the primary interface with the customers, who are mostly Dev managers or Software Developers.

This person will be using Jira to define work tasks, identify what's next on the backlog. Daily tasks could include; setting up the environment in Azure, Docker set up/config, coding a customer solution to tie tools together, interfacing with a customer that given day, etc.

There is always a possibility of conversion or extension but no head count now.

Minimal flexibility in rate for the right person.