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Reference # : 18-00015 Title : Program Support Specialist
Location : Portland, OR
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 02/20/2018  
ProgrAm support specialist
Specialty: Level 1 - Customer Contract Data Management Support


Position Overview:
This full-time contract Program Support Specialist position is located in the Customer Contracts ? Systems (KSCS) division of Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA's) Contract Management and Administration (KSC) organization by providing support to KSC's customer support systems, including the Customer Contract Management System (CCM), Customer Portal (CP) and Customer Data Management System (CDM). The position provides program and customer/support service relating to these systems and the contracts and files that are associated with these systems and processes. This main duty station for this position is located in Portland, Oregon. This position follows an alternate schedule, working 4 days a week in Portland, and 1 day in Vancouver.

This position is OPEN to Foreign National candidates.

Contract personnel are not allowed to direct Federal employees, nor are they allowed to authorize expenditures or make decisions on behalf of BPA; these functions are specifically assigned to BPA employees. Contract personnel provide analysis, information and input to those functions. Additionally, contract personnel may only represent BPA (such as at seminars, industry events, etc.) with written authorization from a BPA Vice President.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: This position requires confidentiality, professionalism and requires passing a higher level background investigation, for which the selected candidate must qualify to hold or continue to hold the position.

Position Responsibilities include:
Note: all drafts, documents, materials and recommendations, as listed below, must be reviewed, finalized and approved / accepted by appropriate BPA manager/ or other federal personnel with the authority to do so.
  • Performs authentications by scanning files, uploading files/data to the CCM system, and entering in the correct contract data into the system.
  • Prepares and updates Standard Delegations Tables in CCM for new Delegation of Authority.
  • Provides support, training, and technical assistance on various systems to users with diverse backgrounds and functional needs in the Power, Transmission, Finance, Legal, and other organizations.
  • Assists in monitoring and providing ongoing support to the CDM, CCM and CP mailboxes and actively works cases verifying timely responses to customers and emails.
  • Answers system and process questions and provides technical support for the customers and clients on the support desk phone lines.
  • Serves as a KSC point of contact for file retrieval and acts as custodian of official records for KSC including hard and electronic copies in two locations (Portland and Vancouver), including:
  • Responding to agency needs to read microfiche files and verifying that this storage medium is organized.
  • Supporting file management by reviewing all correspondence and contract documents being sent for storage.
  • Coordinating the filing, retention, removal, reporting and classification of all KSC official records, and suggesting/developing new records management codes for official records as needed.
  • Keeping current on BPA and DOE mandated training to maintain knowledge/expertise concerning Standards of Conduct (SOC) and confidentiality issues so files are released only to those individuals authorized to view such documents.
  • Filing contracts and other materials as required by KSCS manager and following documentation retention policies identified by Information Governance Lifecycle Management (IGLM) policy.
  • Providing support in responding to specific requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for contract data and associated information.
  • Documents and performs testing of new system modules and documents changes to the systems, verifying that they meet systems and users specifications. Provides results to system technical lead.
  • Confirms new CDM customer accounts or changing account information is created according to documented procedures, standards, and follows up with System Administrators on concerns about inaccuracies, missing or outdated data.
  • Assists in monitoring landing zones for the CCM system and interacts with source systems Subject Matter Expert's (SME's) to manage the resulting data.
  • Provides input in developing, streamlining, simplifying and documenting process related to KSC systems, processes and procedures.
  • Assists data clean-up efforts to resolve data discrepancies or improve data quality in systems.
  • Performs research and creates queries to verify that electronic information contained in the various systems is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Provide status updates to BPA manager on assigned work and priorities.
  • Maintain filing system(s), files, emails and records in accordance with compliance requirements. File and disperse documents/letters to appropriate personnel and only on an as needed basis. Maintain all official records in accordance with the Information Governance & Lifecycle Management (IGLM) standards and procedures. Validate official records are accurately maintained for auditing purposes.

Position Requirements:
  • Associate's degree in Business Administration, Management, Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field is equivalent is required.
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management Computer Science, Information Technology or a directly-related field is preferred.
  • Minimum Related Experience: This is a Level 1 position: 6 ? 8 years' experience is required without a degree. A minimum combination of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training is desired. Experience should be consistent with the specific requirements of program/project coordination/control and progressively more technical in nature. (4 ? 6 years with an applicable Associate's degree; 2 ? 4 years with an applicable Bachelor's degree, as specified above).
  • 4+ years of relevant work experience in administrative support functions with Microsoft Office Suite programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook (Microsoft Office 2010 proficiency required).
  • 3+ years of Customer service work experience is required.
  • Intermediate level skills with MS Excel sufficient to perform large database queries, V-look ups and create pivot tables is required.
  • Knowledge of and experience with automated contract or customer data systems is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of SharePoint is desirable.

Technical Requirements:
  • Requires knowledge of records management policies and procedures to include:
  • Basic knowledge skills in alpha and numeric filing methods;
  • Experience with filing, document control, and document management to include:
  • Verification that documents are filed correctly
  • Verification that documentation is complete and documents relate to each other appropriately.
  • A working knowledge of automated data systems is required. Must have computer skills and demonstrated ability to learn other computer applications for data entry and reporting purposes.
  • Ability to use various types of office equipment (e.g., copy, fax, scanning machines, telephone systems).

General Requirements:
  • Must be highly motivated, detail-oriented, organized and able to meet deadlines in timely manner; flexible and able to quickly learn new procedures and methods; dependable and a team player who can maintain confidentiality; and works independently and asks questions for clarification of tasks.
  • Ability to identify task priorities, organizes daily work, and effectively contributes to group requirements. Must be able to exercise independent judgment, initiative, and tact in dealing with others.
  • Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and our customers.
  • Ability to work in a collaborative team oriented atmosphere, characterized by innovation, customer focus and continuous improvements.
  • Ensure proper identification of self as a contract worker in all communications, correspondence, etc.

Additional Requirements:
  • Must be able to pass a Personnel background check pursuant for Public Trust (SF-85P), for which the selected candidate must qualify to hold or continue to hold the position.
  • The selected candidate will be required to sign a BPA Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a condition of the contract assignment.
  • Up to 20% local travel to/from meetings is anticipated.
  • Valid US Driver License required.
  • This position may be eligible for situational offsite work, subject to the completion of a Supplemental Labor Offsite Work Memorandum of Understanding.
  • RSA token shall only be utilized when conducting work directly related to the API. Any other work is unauthorized. Contract worker is responsible for the safe-keeping of the BPA issued RSA token at all times. If the RSA token is lost or compromised, immediately contact the COTR. All information associated with work performed offsite must be maintained in the BPA network environment. No BPA information will be allowed to be transmitted, stored and created, etc., on the contract worker's personal devices. Contract personnel must follow all BPA and government-wide security, asset management, and cyber security policies and procedures.
  • Offsite work may only be performed within the BPA service area unless approved by the Supplemental Labor Management Office (SLMO). Contract personnel must keep their employer informed of their work location at all times and must coordinate any changes with their employer and SLMO before the change occurs.

BPA Provided Training: (Note: Selected candidates will be expected to complete BPA Provided Training as listed below, and be proficient in associated system(s) use as a core component of this position).
  • CDM ? Customer Data Management System
  • CP ? Customer Portal
  • CCM ? Customer Contract Management System

* NOTE: Attendance at all training, workshops, conferences, etc. must be pre-approved by SLMO. For any such events, requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approval is subject to the most current guidance provided to SLMO by BPA or DOE and is subject to change. SLMO reserves the right to negotiate attendance on billable/non-billable hours and reimbursement of travel costs with the supplier. Reimbursable travel costs must adhere to the Federal Travel Regulations and are submitted via an expense sheet in Fieldglass.