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Reference # : 18-00012 Title : Electrical Engineer 2
Location : Vancouver, WA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 02/20/2018  
Electrical Engineer 2 - Substations
Specialty: Substation Design

Additional Position Information:

Position Overview:
This full-time, contract Electrical Engineer 2 position is in the Substation Design (TESD) Group in the Transmission Services (T) business line at Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). Substation Design is comprised of two separate areas, outdoor design and substation specifications, which will work together in designing the outdoor portion of BPA's power substations and electrical facilities as well as in the coordination of specifications and ordering of materials for construction of these facilities. This Electrical Engineer 2 will draft designs for the outdoor portion of BPA's power substations and conduct system analysis for existing and future Station Service systems. This position is located in Vancouver, Washington.

Contract personnel are not allowed to direct Federal employees, nor are they allowed to authorize expenditures or make decisions on behalf of BPA; these functions are specifically assigned to BPA employees. Contract personnel provide analysis, information and input to those functions. Additionally, contract personnel may only represent BPA (such as at seminars, industry events, etc.) with written authorization from a BPA Vice President.

This position is NOT open to Foreign National candidates.

Position Responsibilities include:
Note: all official drafts, documents and recommendations, as listed below, must be reviewed, finalized and approved / accepted by appropriate BPA manager / or other federal personnel with the authority to do so.
  • Draft designs of new substations (69kV-500kV), and recommend changes and additions to existing substations and other electrical facilities.
  • Facilitate pre-construction planning, engineering and design efforts for installation of substation equipment and other electrical systems in BPA substations.
  • Assist BPA management with establishing engineering requirements and technical and design parameters for the development of substation equipment and facilities, while verifying they meet all functional, operational, maintenance, reliability, and safety requirements.
  • Coordinate with BPA internal and external technicians to facilitate the completion and issuance of designs on schedule.
  • Make recommendations on the application of the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code to substation work and other related projects.
  • Select and apply the appropriate quantitative analytical techniques to model and analyze the effects of Substation Design strategies.
  • Assist in the planning and organization of substation design projects including troubleshooting design problems, resolving problems, and determining appropriate design methods.
  • Perform print verification and project planning in BPA energized substations, including the examination of open cabinets in substations, while ensuring that the minimum approach distance for the appropriate voltage is adhered to at all times.
  • Visit existing BPA substations and proposed substation sites while unescorted (voltages in substations can range from 120 volts to 500,000 volts) to verify design prints, meet with electricians or for on-site coordination and other construction meetings.
  • Provide escorts to BPA employees and /or BPA contractors that do not hold permits for access to BPA substations (Access Permit required ? see attached appendix).

Position Requirements:
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or directly-related engineering discipline is required.
  • Related Experience ? a minimum combination of work-related experience or on-the-job training is required. Experience should be consistent with the specific requirements of electrical engineering and progressively more technical in nature.
    • Minimum Related Experience: This is a Level 2 position ? 5 to 9 years previous work-related experience and knowledge of electrical engineering concepts, principles, and practices applicable to components and facilities found on a regional transmission system, is required.
  • Expert proficiency in the use of engineering software such as Adobe Pro, Microstation and ProjectWise is required.
  • Expert proficiency in the use of Easypower software to provide short circuit, coordination and arc flash studies is required.
  • Experience in providing cost effective solutions for arc flash mitigation is required.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite Software including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook; (MS Office 2010 proficiency required).

Technical Requirements:
  • Knowledge of professional engineering theory and techniques sufficient to provide technical leadership in the design of the physical components of substations.

General Requirements:
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing sufficient to develop and deliver briefings, status/staff reports, and correspondence to managers to foster understanding and acceptance of findings and recommendations and to represent the organization in contacts with external and internal clients.
  • Desire to work in a team environment taking leadership and initiative as needed.
  • Become familiar with and follow the safety practices of the BPA Accident Prevention Manual.
  • Carry out assigned tasks with a professional demeanor reflected in excellent written and oral communication skills, listening skills, patience, analytical reasoning and problem solving abilities.
  • Meet deadlines and actively learn new skills and apply them to current and future workload as appropriate.
  • Ensure proper identification of self as a contract worker in all communications, correspondence, etc.

Additional Requirements:
  • The selected candidate will be required to sign a BPA Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a condition of the contract assignment.
  • This position may be eligible for situational offsite work, subject to the completion of a Supplemental Labor Offsite Work Memorandum of Understanding.
  • RSA token shall only be utilized when conducting work directly related to the API. Any other work is unauthorized. Contract worker is responsible for the safe-keeping of the BPA issued RSA Token at all times. If the RSA Token is lost or compromised, immediately contact the COTR. All information associated with the work performed offsite must be maintained in the BPA network environment. No BPA information shall be allowed to be transmitted, stored, and created, etc., on the contract worker's personal devices. Contract personnel must follow all BPA and government-wide security, asset management, and cyber security policies and procedures.
  • Offsite work may only be performed within the BPA service area unless approved by the Supplemental Labor Management Office (SLMO). Contract personnel must keep their employer informed of their work location at all times and must coordinate any changes with their employer and SLMO before the change occurs.
  • Valid state driver license is required.
  • Up to 10% travel to field locations is anticipated.
  • Up to 5% overtime is anticipated.
  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certification required within 30 days of assignment start. The worker/employer is responsible for maintaining current certification.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for all field travel:
    • White hard hat
    • Electrical and Arc Flash protective clothing and PPE as required by OSHA and consistent with BPA Safety and health policy for electric work inside and around BPA substation facilities (Occasional user - estimated usage 20-30 days per year).
    • Eye protection
    • Hearing protection
    • ASTM F2413-11, Class 75 EH rated footwear with over the ankle lace up and rigid sole and heel
    • Additional PPE required by State or Federal OSHA for the work to be performed
  • Position requires work in and around energized facilities; must acquire and retain the appropriate level BPA Access Permit (see below)

BPA Provided Training:
  • NERC/CIP Security and Site Access Training
  • Substation Hazard Awareness Training
  • Arc Flash PPE Training (2 hrs)
  • Asset Suite
  • Cascade

*Note: Attendance at all conferences, workshops, training, etc. must be pre-approved by SLMO. For any such events, requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis; approval is subject to the most current guidance provided to SLMO by BPA or DOE and is subject to change. SLMO reserves the right to negotiate attendance on billable/non-billable hours and reimbursement of travel costs with the supplier. Reimbursable travel costs must adhere to the Federal Travel Regulations and be submitted via an expense sheet in Fieldglass

Access Permit

This Permit allows unescorted access into, out of and movement within energized facilities, for the purpose of observation only, by persons who have received appropriate instructions, training and demonstrated a level of understanding necessary to safely move about within energized facilities.

Access Permit holders may only perform work when escorted by someone with an appropriate level Permit for the work being performed.

Examples: district managers, electrical engineers or structural engineers who need to look at a facility only occasionally, administrative or clerical support, project managers who need to visit a facility, new?hire apprentices until they can qualify for a Restricted Electrical Worker Permit, field planner schedulers, students.

5.1.1 Minimum Requirements

Need for unescorted access and movement within energized facilities for observation only.
Knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Conduct Handbook
NERC?CIP training
For BPA Employees and Supplemental Labor contractors, knowledge and understanding of APM safety rules defined in section 10.1.

5.1.2 Minimum rules governing Access Permit holder conduct while in energized facilities:

May perform observations only, must remain on the ground at all times, and shall not open any cabinet doors or access panels on electrical equipment which exposes bare electrical terminals or wires, or manipulate any equipment in any manner unless escorted by a qualified individual.
May perform work for which they are qualified when escorted by a person Permitted at or above the level for the work to be performed.
May escort an unpermitted person for observations only.
Shall adhere to all safety requirements and substation security policies as provided by the Rules of Conduct Handbook.

5.1.3 To obtain or renew this Permit:

For BPA employees and Supplemental Labor contractors:
  • The applicant must possess an active BPA badge/proximity card.
  • The applicant's Approving Manager shall fill out an Energized Facilities Access Request for all new permits, designating the Permit type the applicant is to obtain and sign the Application. The
  • Request will be sent to the Substation Operations Group.
  • Upon receipt of the Energized Facilities Access Request the Substation Operations Group will send the applicant an email listing the steps to be followed for completion of the Permit Process.
  • The applicant will schedule Access Permit Exam with a district Chief Operator or designee who will administer the exam.
  • Applicants for their first Permit who have passed the exam must also schedule and complete a Substation Tour with a District Chief Operator or designee who will conduct the tour. See section 9.3 of the Rules of Conduct Handbook.
  • The Chief Operator or designee will send the completed exam and the signed Substation Tour form to the Substation Operations Group.
  • On successful completion of all the above requirements the Substation Operations Group will enter the applicant's name in the All Permits Directory which constitutes the issuing of the Permit.