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Reference # : 17-05046 Title : Business Analyst 2
Location : Vancouver, WA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : 7 Years Start Date / End Date : 11/14/2017 / 11/14/2017  
Specialty: Asset Management


Position Overview:
This full-time contract Business Analyst 2 position will provide analyst support to the Transmission Asset Management Oversight & Program Support (TPW) organization within the Transmission Planning and Asset Management (TP) group of Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). This position will provide analysis and development of asset management processes, procedures, and policy recommendations. Utilizing analytical, modeling, and process and data management expertise, this position will support the improvement of BPA Transmission's asset management program. This position is located in Vancouver, WA.

Contract personnel are not allowed to direct Federal employees, nor are they allowed to authorize expenditures or make decisions on behalf of BPA; these functions are specifically assigned to BPA employees. Contract personnel provide analysis, information and input to those functions. Additionally, contract personnel may only represent BPA (such as at seminars, industry events, etc.) with written authorization from a BPA Vice President.

This position is open to Foreign National candidates

Position Responsibilities include:
Note: all drafts, documents, materials and recommendations, as listed below, must be reviewed, finalized and approved / accepted by appropriate BPA manager/ or other federal personnel with the authority to do so.
  • Support business stakeholders and facilitate gathering and analyzing information using standard tools and approaches to:
  • Clarify business operations, functions, problems;
  • Document/map the current and future state;
  • Identify solution alternatives, evaluate the alternatives, and define procedures.
  • Develop influence diagrams or other conceptual models that will define relationship and structure analyses.
  • Research, analyze, interview internal BPA customers / end-users, stakeholders and other interested internal parties to gather and understand customer / end-user requirements and/or business processes, procedure or workflow development; present solution recommendations for improvement to BPA management and stakeholders for consideration and approval.
  • Serve as the main project POC on process improvement and data analysis initiatives; provide input and recommendations to BPA manager for final approval.
  • Conduct research and recommend best methods and/or benchmarking for various asset management related functions.
  • Produce key project deliverables such as: requirements, process diagrams, and desktop analytics.
  • As requested by the BPA Manager, communicate with a wide variety of technical and business experts in both individual and group settings to facilitate requirements gathering; facilitate process adjustments or improvements; and/or, to provide analytics, analytical conclusions, and to make next step recommendations.
  • Facilitate requirements elicitation workshops and present findings to BPA manager for review.
  • Deconstruct high-level information into details and abstract up from low-level information to resolve solution vs. requirements conflicts.
  • Evaluate and assess business process change impacts and recommend appropriate change mitigation activities, including implementation of change management plans.
  • Work with appropriate BPA manager / personnel to facilitate resolution of conflicting priorities and requirements, as well as conflicting team positions in order to build consensus among stakeholders and project team members.
  • Analyze, collect, organize, and validate data and modeling results; interpret modeling results and propose alternative courses of action to BPA manager.
  • Prepare and present materials on findings related to evaluations, assessments and analyses of asset management processes, procedures and data management.
  • Provide assistance on asset management and quality assurance related issues that may arise:
  • Identify data quality issues within our asset management systems of record
  • Write quality assurance reports to identify data quality issues within Transmission Asset Portfolio Management (TAPM)
  • Aggregate asset management data that allows visibility into the Portfolio as a whole and helps identify resource or data issues.
  • Create Access Databases (with experience modeling robust and intuitive user interfaces), SharePoint sites, advanced Excel spreadsheets, Visio flowcharts and input information into MS Project.
Position Requirements:
Education/Experience Requirements
  • Associates degree in business administration, management, accounting, computer science or a related field is preferred. Associates degree in applicable discipline can substitute for 2 years related experience (see below)
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, Organizational Development or a related field is desirable. Bachelor's degree in applicable discipline can substitute for 4 years related experience (see below)
  • Related Experience - A minimum combination of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training is required. Experience should be consistent with the specific requirements of business analysis and demonstrate proven skills in process analysis, re-engineering and optimization
  • Minimum Experience Required: Level 2: 9-11 years directly-related work experience demonstrating business/process analysis skills is required without a degree. (7 ? 9 years experience with an applicable Associate's degree; 5-7 years experience with an applicable Bachelor's degree)
  • Experience conceptualizing and planning initiatives for data integration, gathering, and organization experience is required.
  • Experience creating Access Databases (with experience modeling robust and intuitive user interfaces), SharePoint sites, advanced Excel spreadsheets, Visio flowcharts and MS Project input is required.
  • Expert level proficiency with MS Excel is required
  • Intermediate proficiency with MS Access and SharePoint is required
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite Software is required (MS Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, MS Project); (MS Office 2010 proficiency required)

Technical Skills Requirements:
  • Experience in asset management, analyzing operational data, and developing actionable strategies
  • Proven skills in business workflow and data workflow management
  • Strong technical writing skills and the ability to present information in various forms such as textual, graphical and statistical
  • Skill in modeling business process requirements, verification of deliverables
  • Demonstrated expertise with logical process modeling concepts sufficient to aid in the documentation of requirements
  • Experience as a SharePoint power user with forms, views, and pick lists
  • Strong knowledge of database structure with experience writing complex queries for data from both native and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) databases
  • Proficient in communication, facilitation and negotiation with stakeholder groups
  • Energy/utility industry experience preferred
  • Ability to develop and present concepts, procedures and recommendations in a clear and understandable manner
  • Ability to prepare documentation and work papers that are auditable
  • Ability to analyze data and develop associated reports and presentation materials
  • Ability to implement change management and communication plans
  • Ability to get up to speed quickly, working with business subject matter experts to document business requirements in support of business strategy
  • Ability to build credibility and trust among key project stakeholders

General Requirements:
  • Ability to carry out assigned tasks with a professional demeanor reflected in excellent written and oral communication skills, listening skills, patience, analytical reasoning and problem solving abilities
  • Ability to meet timelines, milestones and deliverables and provide timely (weekly) status updates
  • Able to understand and follow established processes and procedures including Change Management, Workflow Management and Tracking, Operational Excellence, and Time Management
  • Ensure proper identification of self as a contract worker in all communications, correspondence, etc.

Additional Requirements:
  • This position may be eligible for situational offsite work, subject to the completion of a Supplemental Labor Offsite Work Memorandum of Understanding
  • RSA token shall only be utilized when conducting work directly related to the API. Any other work is unauthorized. Contract worker is responsible for the safe-keeping of the BPA issued RSA Token at all times. If the RSA Token is lost or compromised, immediately contact the COTR. All information associated with the work performed offsite must be maintained in the BPA network environment. No BPA information shall be allowed to be transmitted, stored, and created, etc., on the contract worker's personal devices. Contract personnel must follow all BPA and government-wide security, asset management, and cyber security policies and procedures
  • Offsite work may only be performed within the BPA service area unless approved by the Supplemental Labor Management Office (SLMO). Contract personnel must keep their employer informed of their work location at all times and must coordinate any changes with their employer and SLMO before the change occurs.
  • The selected candidate will be required to sign a BPA Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a condition of the contract assignment.
  • Up to 5% travel, including both local and field travel, will be required (PPE Required - See Below)
  • A valid Driver's License is required
  • Approximately 5% Overtime may be required
  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certification required within 30 days of assignment start. The worker/employer is responsible for maintaining current certification.
  • Personal Protection Equipment ? Required for all Field Travel:
  • White Hard Hat
  • ASTM F2413-11, Class 75 EH rated footwear with over the ankle lace up and rigid sole and heel
  • Electrical and Arc Flash protective clothing and PPE as required by OSHA and consistent with BPA Safety and health policy for electric work inside and around BPA substation facilities (Rare user 2-3 days per year)
  • Other appropriate/required PPE, as required by State or Federal OSHA for the work to be performed.

BPA Provided Training:
  • OpEx Process Mapping
  • Transmission Asset Portfolio Management (TAPM)
  • Asset Suite
  • Cascade
  • Arc Flash PPE Training (2 hrs)

*Note: Attendance at all conferences, workshops, training, etc. must be pre-approved by SLMO. For any such events, requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis; approval is subject to the most current guidance provided to SLMO by BPA or DOE and is subject to change. SLMO reserves the right to negotiate attendance on billable/non-billable hours and reimbursement of travel costs with the supplier. Reimbursable travel costs must adhere to the Federal Travel Regulations and be submitted via an expense sheet in Fieldglass.