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Reference # : 17-04382 Title : Lead Functional Workday Payroll Architect
Experience Level : Start Date : 07/06/2017  
Virtual unless located near one of our CDS offices: Miami, Atlanta, Pleasanton

Consultants are responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of Workday's solutions for each of our domains (Benefits, Absence Management, Time Tracking, Payroll, Compensation, HCM). The Consultant works with clients to understand their requirements and initially alongside a Lead Functional Architect (the more technical consultant) to design, build, configure and test the solution. After the design document is put together, the Consultant takes over.

The Architect Leads most of projects upfront alongside the Consultant (Consultant is still on every one of the client calls). The Architect is the more experienced person - - - they Architect to best practice. Consultant does not know what questions to ask in terms of configuration / design. The Architect is involved beginning to end but vast majority of hours on the front end except escalations points. After 2nd round of testing, the architect does not have as much involvement.

Consultants/Architects could be actively involved on multiple parallel projects (other domains)

Consultants basically perform Principal Consultant duties on Workday implementations and are responsible for analysis, design, scheduling, construction and delivery of the Workday solution. This role works with external clients as well as members of the internal team to include project managers, Integration consulting team (developer type role/ configuration and programming), and delivery assurance team.

Projects: Consultants work on 1 to 2 projects at a time depending upon size/complexity. LFA's 3 projects at the most is ideal - they would be at different stages/ staggered)

A typical deployment will last 8 to 12 months. The CDS team deploys the solution, and then our Business Process Outsourcing group (BPO) is responsible for the continued service after implementation.

Utilization & cross training: They have a Staffing Coordinator on the team who assigns projects. To ensure proper utilization, each project is staffed individually based on size, capacity and certifications so from one project to the next, you could be working with a whole different team. The business is very receptive to team members getting certified in other areas. They try to pair things up where it makes sense and provide cross-training. Cross-training is an area they are working towards growing.

Travel: We ask for a commitment of up to 50%, but in reality travel is more around 25-30%. It goes in spurts where they might travel twice in one month and then skip a month. The consultant goes to the client site for the kick off meeting (3 to 4 days) and then back to the client site for a few days during a critical phase of delivery. In between the 2 to 3 client site visits, the consultant will communicate via conference calls. The LFA's are onsite for discovery and testing kickoff.