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Reference # : 19-01773 Title : Esri Data Manager
Location : Atlanta, GA
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 12/02/2019 / 06/30/2020  
Under broad supervision this resource designs & secures Esri ArcSDE Geodatabases to store, track, & maintain geospatial data & metadata. Develops and updates database models, administers geodatabases, and maintains multi-user versioned geodatabases.

Data Manager will upgrade and implement changes to vector and raster geodatabases including Esri Roads and Highways. Provides ETL functions for processing data into Esri geodatabases through Esri Model Builder, Workflow Manager,and SafeSoftware FME. Will be responsible for implementing Esri Parcel Fabric for storage and maintenance of agency Right of Way and surplus parcels.

Candidate will be working in the agency's Office of IT Applications. Candidates will work with supporting IT team members (database, network, server, etc.) and interacting with business units. The candidate will follow internal standards and accepted best practices for developed solutions.

  • Performs geospatial data processing/ETL and publishing of data into enterprise geodatabases
  • Acquires, maintains, and disseminates GIS data in support of agency activities
  • Maintains currency and completeness of enterprise geodatabase data, metadata, and geoportal
  • Ensures completion of data updates and facilitates resolution of data governance/quality issues
  • Controls GIS data security, access, distribution, and retention
  • Replicates, synchronizes, and restores geodatabases
  • Creates data caches and tiles
  • Troubleshoots and supports end user data compression, versioning, and multi-user editing workflows within geodatabases
  • Implements data security and access controls
  • Implements geodatabase design standards
  • Creates and supports Active Batch, Model Builder, Workflow Manager, and FME jobs
  • Supports raster data in Image Server
  • Performs geodatabase administration, configuration, tuning, and performance monitoring in hand with Oracle DBA's
  • Develops and updates spatial views and data views in hand with Enterprise Data Warehouse Team
  • Develops geodatabase design documents, metadata, data models, and schemas
  • Facilitates GIS data interoperability with Bentley Microstation transportation design plans

Bachelor's in Geography, GIS, Computer Science, or a related field Required 4 Years
Esri ArcGIS geodatabase development, editing, analysis, and QA/QC Required 5 Years
Esri ArcSDE replication, versioning, synchronization Required 3 Years
Microsoft Office Required 5 Years
Python scripting and Esri Model Builder Required 3 Years
Batch data loading and scripting experience Required
Safe Software FME Desktop/Server Required 2 Years
Experience in working with or supporting Esri Parcel Fabric data model Required 1 Years
Experience PL/SQL, SQLPlus query skills Required 3 Years
Experience working with or supporting Esri Roads and Highways data model Required 1 Years
Knowledge of Oracle RDBMS (Relational database management system) Required
SDO geometry/Oracle Spatial & Graph experience Desired
Ability to multi-task, detail oriented, and have strong organizational skills Required
Accountable and results oriented Required
Data analysis, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills Required
Strong teamwork and communication skills Required
Comfortable in a fast-paced environment Required
Esri Geoevent Processor experience Highly desired
Workflow Manager Extension (WMX) experience Highly desired
ArcGIS Portal/Online Administration experience Highly desired
GISP or Esri Technical Certification Highly desired
Bentley Microstation ETL experience Highly desired

Additional Information:
Position is on-site. End date is set for the end of the fiscal year. Agency may exercise the option to renew contracts in one year increments. Several successful consultants have continued working for several years with contract extensions. However, agency is under no obligation to extend contracts and may terminate employment at any time.

All candidates submitted for this or any other Job Posting that are currently working under a VISA, Employment Authorization Card, or any other authorized programs of the Federal Government must have a current active VISA or status in order to be submitted. Candidates that have an expired VISA or are in the process of applying for an extension, transfer, or a new VISA, should not be submitted. Candidates must have valid United States Social Security Number (SSN).

The Department has 12 holidays, which consultants are not allowed to work nor make up any time for those holiday weeks without management's approval.

Consultant must have cell phone which can be used as a contact for business calls.

Agency does not provide free parking. All routine commuting expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.

Travel is not expected in this position. However if required, agency will reimburse authorized travel expense lodging and meals. Agency will reimburse authorized travel use of a personal vehicle use. All travel expense reimbursement shall be in accordance with State Accounting Office Travel Policy: