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Reference # : 19-00277 Title : Nurse
Location : Windsor, NC
Experience Level : Start Date : 05/07/2019  
1st and 2nd shift nurses needed

1. Licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of North Carolina with at least one (1) year of clinical experience.

2. Conduct sick call weekly Health Care Procedure Policy, or assist unit physician with sick call when unit physician is present.
3. Conduct segregation checks a minimum of three times per week or more as dictated by the prison unit standard operating procedures.
4. Use approved Nursing Protocols to treat minor injuries and illnesses which do not require a physician's attention. 5. Prepare and administer medications as per physician order.
6. Refer inmates to physician's clinics, or hospitals as appropriate.
7. Prepare medical records for transferring inmates, including following the policy and procedure for medication transfer.
8. Provide inmates access to quality healthcare provided by competent healthcare professionals in a fiscally responsible manner.
9. Ensure proper organization and maintenance of health records in accordance with the unit policies and the Health Care Policies and Procedures Manual, and assure that the unit health care standard operating procedures are maintained in a current status at all times.
10. Ensure that all treatments and medications are fully documented in the patient's health record.
11. RNs may possibly assume charge responsibilities but only after they have been oriented to a particular facility area, however a RN would always be available for consultation via phone or actual site location.