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Reference # : 19-225360 Title : Software Developer
Location : New York, NY
Experience Level : Start Date : 05/14/2019  

This Contractor will work on the Cyber security analytics solution (security big-data) geared towards data collection, analysis using both simple and advanced analytic techniques, with the goal being threat-detection via telemetry analytics. This project is not aligned to the Client Enterprise ? this platform will serve our managed cyber services.

RESTful Web Services ? will they produce or consume? Yes, certainly to consume, likely to build as well (likely via Nifi too), so both would be appropriate skillsets.

Strong knowledge and experience with data storage and analytic technologies including Elastisearch, Kafka, Hadoop and Apache NIFI
  • The above are hard requirements... if they don't know how to use/configure/deploy/consume-from/manage, then they are not applicable candidates and we don't want to talk to them.
  • These technologies will be used to design and build infrastructure supporting data consumption, normalization and storage/indexing for both internal and external data handling. They will also leverage these to support data-services for integration.

Graph Databases such as Orientdb, Arangodb and Neo4j are important ? we happen to be using Arrango, but knowledge of graph (or even MongoDB and its structure like documents, collections, etc) and its potential is the key here, not the particular flavor (this would be like saying we need you to know SQL as opposed to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS-SQL.

Programming Skills in Java, C, C++, network programming, advanced multi-threaded program design/development. Experience in any of these, even Python would be acceptable. We're likely not using C, C++ but the ability to work with an advanced programming language and understanding code and data concepts is the key here.

Web development experience HTML, Javascript, and display frameworks such as AngularJS/Bootstrap
  • Right now we're using VueJS for our client portal. ReactJS is also applicable for some of the other UIs we are planning. Bootstrap for the HTML is the focus. D3 experience is also a plus for "drawing? charts/graphs.
  • Most likely ? will depend on previous experience and whether or not they are agile enough. Interview will likely bear this out.

Additional experience with Hive and HBase is desired; Additional experience with SVG, WebGL is desired.
  • Just "pluses?. WebGL & SVG is akin to D3 mentioned above and desirable but not a hard requirement. Someone who understands how to render something and answer our questions will likely know what they're talking about and be a good fit.

Does not need to be a US Citizen but they must be physically located in the continental US, available during EST working hours, and not be a Chinese, Russian, Syrian, North Korean, Cuban, or Iranian national. We should be verifying that they are in the US legally and can come into a Client office as-needed and to verify their presence here.

A couple more notes here:
  1. They are not allowed to sub-contract any work whatsoever. If they are caught doing this, they are instantly gone.
  2. We have work to get done and they must hit the ground running ? if they exhibit slow-to-start, they won't last.
  3. They must be 100% dedicated to our work, and not trying to moonlight on other contracts.
  4. They must know that all IP, code, etc. is the property of Client exclusively.
  5. The project is not national-security related, however, it is Client confidential, and we shouldn't see things in Social Media regarding their work, StackOverflow asking questions about how to do their jobs, etc...