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Reference # : 18-54204 Title : Cell Culture Associate Research Scientist
Location : Redwood City, CA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 10/29/2018 / 04/28/2019  
Job Title: Cell Culture Associate Research Scientist
Work Location: Redwood City, CA
Length of Assignment: 18 Months
Position Type: Contract Role
Client: A Big Pharmaceutical Company

Job Description:

The department of Immuno-Oncology Discovery is seeking a highly motivated Associate Research Scientist to join a group of researchers evaluating Client therapies in the field of cancer immunotherapy. The candidate will characterize immuno-modulatory antibodies, and explore mechanism of action and combinatorial therapeutic strategies.
Duration is 18 months.

• Master degree in immunology, oncology or related field and a minimum of 1 year of experience or BS with a minimum of 2 years of experience
• Enthusiasm about immuno-oncology research
• Knowledge about general immunology, roles and markers of immune cell subsets, cancer, antibodies

Proficiency in the following laboratory techniques is required:
o Multi-color flow cytometry (4 or more channels)
o Operate Client or BC flow cytometers
o Use FlowJo software to analyze flow data
o Mammalian cell culture

Proficiency in the following laboratory techniques is strongly preferred:
o Immune cell isolation from whole blood (one of the following: Ficoll and MACS, RosetteSep, EasySep, etc)
o Functional assays with primary immune cells (myeloid, B, or T cells)
o Research software: GraphPad/Prism, SoftmaxPro, Diva

Familiarity with the following laboratory techniques is a plus:
o Stimulating T cells in culture with plate- or bead-bound anti-CD3 or with APCs
o Measuring cell proliferation with CFSE or Cell Trace dyes
o Operate Client flow cytometers with HTS attachment
o Intracellular staining for flow cytometry
o Tissue/tumor dissociation into single-cell suspension

Scope of Work:
• Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a dynamic and innovative research environment
• Detail-oriented, with excellent organizational, and record-keeping skills.

Interested candidates can share their most updated resume at or they can reach out to me on #973-967-3412