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Reference # : 18-36495 Title : Associate Scientist I
Location : Cambridge, MA
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 07/16/2018 / 07/31/2019  
Job Description:
Job Title: Associate Scientist I

Job ID: BIIBJP00009671
Location: Cambridge, MA
Duration: 12 Months
Position Summary 
The successful candidate will work in the separation sciences group within the medicinal chemistry department. This is a laboratory based role providing chiral and achiral purification/ analytical services require an individual who can balance a variety of technical skills with high work efficiency and organization. 
Upon completion of training the associate scientist will be able to perform the below job functions with minimal supervision while working in a lab setting surrounded by a group of experienced scientists; 
  • Production of buffers and maintenance of solvent levels on analytical instruments 
  • UPLC-MS; both sample creation and running instrumentation 
  • Post-purification fraction collection; formatting & evaporation of pure compounds 
  • UPLC-MS final analysis; final sample creation and both UPLC-MS & NMR QC runs 
  • Lyophilization of compounds 
  • Delivery of compounds to Compound Management 
Technical Skills 
  • General chemistry lab hands-on experience 
  • Buffer preparations 
  • Analytical UPLC-MS instrumentation (1-2 yr experience beneficial) 
  • Analytical SFC-MS instrumentation (1-2 yr experience beneficial) 
  • NMR spectroscopy (experience beneficial, but not essential for position) 
  • Analytical balance weighing 
Additional Expectations: 
  • B.S. in Chemistry or related discipline 
  • 1 year of professional experience working in a medicinal/analytical chemistry lab setting plus experience with analytical/purification chemistry techniques and protocols 
  • Production work scheduling experience 
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (in particular Excel) 
Additional Qualifiers (nice to have): 
  • 2-3 years of professional experience working in a Medicinal/Analytical chemistry lab 
  • 2-3 years analytical UPLC/MS operational experience
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