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Reference # : 18-38530 Title : Scientist
Location : Cambridge, MA
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 08/01/2018 / 04/30/2019  
Job Description:
Job Title: Associate Scientist I

Job ID: 18-38530
Location: Cambridge, MA
Duration: 12 Months

We are seeking a motivated and talented scientist for the Pharmaceutical Science group to engage in the development of platform enabling lipid-based formulations for small molecule therapeutics. 
Job Description 
The candidate will develop lipid-based formulations (both liposomal and solid lipid nanoparticles) for use as platform formulations in preclinical and clinical studies. The goal of these formulations is to provide enabling formulation options for controlled release and/or improved solubility. Prior experience in the preparation of preclinical formulations, lipid-based formulations and/or nanoparticle preparative methods are relevant skills for this position. 

Key Responsibilities 
• Establish preparative methods for lipid-based nanoparticles with optimization of drug loading efficiency and tuning of stability/release profiles. 
• Develop small molecule-loaded liposome formulations optimized for a variety of small molecule types.
• Compile and summarize data for internal presentations and potential publications. 
•Experience with preparing laboratory formulations for preclinical studies. 
• Experience with lipid-based formulations
• Familiarity with XRD, TGA, DSC, HPLC and other equipment relevant to small molecule drug development. 
• BS Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Science, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering or related discipline.
Required skills (HM Notes)
  • Preclinical study formulations 
  • Experience with lipids 
  • Experience in nanoparticle preparation 
  • Looking for a new grad or someone with a few years of experience 
Please apply on our company website ( with reference to job ID, or contact me at / 973.967.3540
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