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Reference # : 18-33918 Title : Senior System Engineer
Location : Seattle, WA
Experience Level : Start Date : 06/12/2018  
Description/Comment: We are looking for a highly talented, collaborative Senior SRE, with a strong
background in cloud infrastructure automation and distribution systems, to join our cloud
engineering team and partner with our software engineering teams to migrate their
services to the cloud. You will be embedded with our development team(s) as well as
our system engineering teams to build new pipelines and drive improvements in the
patterns we have today. This position will have a degree of flexibility and demand some
imagination as we create new patterns for architecture we are still developing. In this
role, you'll work collaboratively with software engineering to deploy and operate our
systems, as well as build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring, and operations.
You will also troubleshoot and resolve issues in our dev, test and integration
environments, right alongside the development and operations teams. Ideally we are
looking for a candidate that a proven track record of working on applications and at the
type of scale we deal with here at Disney. A desire to work in a highly collaborative
team, using agile development methodologies is a must.
A day in the life:
? Developing "Infrastructure as Code? automation for virtualization, continuous
integration and delivery solutions leveraging AWS services,
Terraform/CloudFormation, custom scripting, Docker, AWS ECS/Kubernetes, and
other emerging technologies.
? Developing automated solutions for self-healing systems triggered by monitors,
near real-time metrics, & log information (Cloudwatch, DataDog, CloudWatch,
StatsD, Logstash & other platforms)
? Embed with software and systems engineering teams to brainstorm and design
cloud migration strategies and architectures. Developing and refactoring
applications to integrate with cloud native solutions.
? Provide scripted solutions leveraging Bash/Python
? Researching and evaluating new technologies and solutions
? Being a technical leader for the team, sharing responsibility with other senior team
members for resolving technical problems and answering questions about the
Basic Qualifications ? You 5+ years of industry experience in operations/DevOps/SRE responsibilities
? Good knowledge of Linux based operating systems
? Good working knowledge of Amazon Web Services, including use of the AWS
? You are passionate about working in a highly collaborative environment where
ideas and stories are heard and told on a daily basis.
? You are comfortable with occasional, but productive, change in direction and
? You have a passion to learn new technologies and find needs within the
organization to apply those technologies.
You're good at...
? Proven experience deploying applications within a production cloud environment,
preferably AWS
? Experience with the CI/CD process and promoting code from development
environments into production.
? Proven experience writing tools against 3rd party APIs (i.e. Amazon Web
Services, OpenStack, ElasticSearch, etc)
? Experience in scripting languages (Bash, Python, Javascript, or similar)
? Experience with Cloud Infrastructure & Application monitoring tools (New Relic,
CloudWatch, etc)
? Experience in log collection/log management solutions (LogStash, fluentd, statsd,
? Knowledge of containerization technologies and orchestration platforms like
Docker, Eleatic Container Service (ECS), etcd, Kubernetes, etc.
? Experience with orchestrating/provisioning/configuration management solutions
(Chef, Puppet, or similar)
? Clearly explaining complex cloud, deployment, and configuration management
architectures to new team members. Excellent communication skills.
Preferred Qualifications ? Experience with continuous integration/delivery tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo,
? Experience with Simian Army or similar tools for testing application/infrastructure
? Expert level experience in an all Linux environment
? Basic network configuration and troubleshooting experience
? Experience using RESTful resource-oriented web services
? Self-motivated, proactive, curious, responsible and flexible
? Excellent communication skills
? Ability to analyze and resolve production issues related to scale and logic
? Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences
? Ability to work both individually and in a team environment
Required Education BA/BS degree or equivalent experience
Preferred Education CS Degree
Additional Information 1. Work closely with software engineering team. Cloud engineer or Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)- focuses less on software development side and more on the operations side. Working with automantion and configuration management TOOLS: i.e. Terreform/Cloud formation. The Scripting languages used are- Bash and Python.
2. Containerization DOCKER- Using Elastic Container Service (ECS) is ideal
3. AWS ? intermediate experience (Google, Azure is welcome)
4. Migration experience
5. Communication and soft skills very important. Working with cross collaboration teams so definately need those relational skills.