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Reference # : 17-93286 Title : Data Scientist
Location : San Antonio, TX
Experience Level : Start Date : 12/18/2017  

Job title: Data Scientist
Location San Antonio TX
Duration Log term

Job Description
Candidate will be part of our discovery team working with our delivery team to perform historical analysis and
implement  machine learning modules leveraging the massive amounts of data on regular basis.
Candidate  will be focusing on building predictive models, leveraging heuristics, machine learning, and designing appropriate experiments to validate your models in an online production system.
Candidate will work with other data engineers and data scientists in the team to help
prototype and build discovery products on top of machine learning services such Feature Extraction, ranking, recommendation,
classification, Correlation, Regression and more. He/she will be working directly with technologies such as Spark, HDP,
redshift etc. working in the AWS cloud environment.
Here are some specific :
Design, build and deploy own predictive models for classification, recommendation, prediction etc.
Design and build scalable data pipelines working with data engineers  for managing and analyzing billions of transactions
Design experiments and evaluation to validate the model in production
Work closely with data engineers and data scientists to build scalable and performant data models
Work closely with product teams to ensure data is actionable and aligned with our products
We are Looking for Someone With:
4+ years industry experience with designing, building and evaluating predictive models
Proven record of using predictive models to drive key metrics in production
Hands-on experience with predictive modelling, online experimentation, and machine learning
Proficient in languages such as Python and Java
Familiar with Spark, SQL and data pipelines
Nice to have: Experience working with Database/storage systems like: Hadoop, CouchBase, S3, Red shift etc..