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Reference # : 17-94453 Title : VMware SME
Location : Michigan, MI
Experience Level : Start Date : 12/27/2017  
Job title: Vmware SME
Duration Long term
Location Michigan
  • SRM expertise for configuration, Troubleshooting in day to day issues and Disaster recovery test experience is must that incorporates issues and fixes during DR test run, Also having fair configuration understandability and troubleshooting skills for HORCM, SRDF replication technologies.
  • Must be very good in doing ESXi log analysis and digging more deeper while issues occurred during technical conference calls and root cause identification.
  • We need core VMWare candidates having very good insight of ESXi, vSphere concepts, logical troubleshooting and explanation along with fair knowledge of OA, VC, UCS blades.
  • Deeper understandability of consolidation process and understandability of VMware tools related issues on multiple flavor of OS, like SUSE, Windows.