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Reference # : 19-00949 Title : Work Flow Management (WFM) Support Services
Location : Arlington, VA
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 08/09/2019  
Must be a US Citizen who currently possesses a DoD Secret Clearance or better.

1.4.29 Work Flow Management (WFM) Support Services:

The Contractor shall provide
100% coverage for task to ensure there is no loss in support, productivity, or continuity of
operations. WFM team needs to be trained and capable of performing this task on day one (e.g.
tasking business rules, badged, have computer access, have network and database access, etc.) to
the maximum extent allowable within Government access rules and regulations.
Coordinate, consolidate, develop, and maintain WFM governance and programmatic documents
(e.g. operating instructions, "how to? guides, etc.) IAW Headquarters AF Operating Instruction
(HOI) 33-3 and other Government documents under AF/A4C program management oversight.
Provide detailed updates to leadership and stakeholders by participating in meetings/forums and
coordinating, consolidating, developing and delivering/presenting associated meeting materials
(e.g. slides, after action reports, minutes). Updates include, at a minimum, weekly meetings with
the Division Chiefs and weekly Directorate Staff meetings where current tasks, deadlines, task
details/requirements, and assignment are briefed.
Provide administrative support to AF/A4C by providing task/suspense management,
coordination and quality assurance and control of task responses and task packages, validating
completeness/accuracy of task response (e.g. was the question answered?, and was it in the right
format?), assigning tasks IAW Government direction to SAF, AF/A4C, AFIMSC, AFCEC and
external stakeholders, and answering of stakeholder inquiries regarding task development, the
system of record, etc. relative to the task management database(s). Administrative support also
includes driving coordination and collaboration between Action Officers and across Divisions.
Maintain and manage the task management database(s), provide associated database training,
archive database records, provide technical support to AF/A4C and stakeholders, and executive
services requests for AF/A4C.
Analyze data to show current and historical trends, reporting, completion statistics, task status,
and breakout by Division, and document aggregate support to senior leadership and Division
leads by Division.
Execute record and file management actions in support of AF/A4C's records management
program in accordance with the records management procedures in AF Instruction (AFI) 33 -
322, Records Management Program; AF Manual (AFMAN) 33- 363, Management of Records;
AFI 33-364, Records Disposition-Procedures and Responsibilities, and the AF Records
Disposition Schedule (AFRDS) located at,
ensuring records are available to support business operations, as well as meet statutory
requirements to provide appropriate access throughout the life cycle of the records.
Develop, maintain, and facilitate Newcomer's orientation briefings ensuring new personnel are
trained on task management processes and procedures, AF/A4C mission objectives, AF/A4C
battle rhythm and provided organizational welcome information under AF/A4C program
management oversight. Training will be offered as just in time training and tailored to meet the
needs of the new personnel e.g. just in time, one-on-one, or group trainings.
Supports management and tracking of A4C internal awards programs (e.g. quarterly and annual
Civilian, Military and Work Horse awards) and CE Functional annual awards program.
Assist the AF/A4C front office staff, maintain AF/A4C leadership's (Director and Deputy
Director) schedules, collect, consolidate and track executive correspondence; manage AF/A4C
conference room schedules and execute front office support administrative tasks.

One (1) FTE with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and a minimum of four (4) years'
experience leading office admin teams and knowledge of AF CE programs with AF
and/or DoD technical writing.