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Reference # : 19-00636 Title : MeF DRIVE Specialist
Location : Lanham, MD
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date / End Date : 06/03/2019 / 09/09/2019  
Must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful Permanent Resident Alien status with three or more years of U.S. residency as a Permanent Resident Alien is required.

An Active IRS MBI is required.

Statement of Work:
MeF is a platform for electronically filing returns with the IRS. It provides SOA based web services that filers use to submit returns, and provides web applications for IRS users to work with the returns. MeF validates filed returns, determines their disposition, and interfaces with other IRS systems for downstream processing of the returns. IBM developed and enhanced MeF since 2001.

Task Description:
The DRIVE development team in EAD needs staff augmentation to support the development of enhancements to the DRIVE process (loosely referred to as release 2) and assist in the leadership of our deployment automation team.

Required Skills:
  • Skills required for this effort include a senior level engineer with extensive experience creating and managing automated deployments within the IRS infrastructure, and an in-depth understanding of the various types of deployments to all layers of the tier 2 server stack that are performed at the IRS as well as a cursory understanding/experience with some of the new technologies coming as part of the DevOps transition.
  • These different types of deployments include everything from JBOSS and Websphere applications to OS Security patches, file transfer situations, etc.
  • Previous experience as a System Administrator and/or senior role in enterprise systems management type responsibilities is idea.
  • Other requirements are the resource must have significant experience using and administering the Online Package Build Promote tool (OLPBP) including the legacy version and the new PBP6 version that is part of the new DRIVE process.
  • The resource must be very proficient in shell and other scripting languages.
  • They must have experience using and administering processes built on rational Clearquest, specifically the IRTT and/or DRIVE database at the IRS.
  • They must have experience and an understanding of the Central Software Staging Repository (CSSR) which is a Sonatype Nexus Maven Repository and a firm understanding of the role it plays in our DRIVE process and how we are integrating with it.
  • Resource must have an in-depth understanding and experience with the various utilities used by our partners in ISD to execute deployments (including Deploy-It, Check-It, and Status-It which are custom shell programs built in house at the IRS).
  • The resource must have an in-depth understanding and preferably previous experience performing deployments via the BigFix console and the previously mentioned ISD utilities to perform deployments at the IRS.
  • Other duties would include providing a leadership role over our existing automation team to assist with creating automated deployment packages for DRIVE users and other partners (like WinOS/Standard Stack/SOSD Patching etc), participating in design and architecture discussions with EAD, and evaluating other tools in the infrastructure (current and potentially new tools) for improvements to better support the DRIVE related KPIs and deliverables, and supporting our transition from OLPBP into a Jenkins based deployment pipeline by advising EAD on the workflow and assisting in the development of the scripts/utilities that will facilitate the continuous deployment pipeline and building other automated utilities to support the internal management of EAD's work (i.e. project onboarding, metrics/reporting, deployment hosting/execution, etc).
  • The person in this role will also assist in the development of a standard deployment library that can be shared with all users who perform similar deployment types so they must be familiar with best practices relative to enterprise wide deployment standards, etc.