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Reference # : 19-00373 Title : Power BI/ Data Visualization Analyst
Location : Washington, DC
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 03/14/2019  
Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Project Description:
OI&T and the CIO require objective, data-driven, transparent analysis to inform strategic investment decisions by the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs. To address this requirement, OI&T is synchronizing its core business processes with the Department's Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) system. The Contractor shall provide technical support in the conduct of operations research methods and analysis techniques during the programmatic resource integration and analysis phases of PPBE. The operations research analysis will focus on identifying, analyzing, and assessing programmatic resource requirements, prioritization methodologies, trade-offs and options analysis, and the risks associated with those trade-offs and options. The level of support sought requires unique training and skill sets that are not readily available in sufficient numbers within VA.

Task Description: Advanced user in developing Power BI dashboards. This includes understanding the processes for hosting and sharing dashboards from the cloud, writing DAX formulas in Power BI, etc.
•Capable of providing guidance and training to other team members in developing dashboards
•Experience in data visualization design best practices
•Coordinate with stakeholders to identify most frequent data inquires for dashboard reporting and visualization
•Understand, identify, acquire, and analyze data from multiple sources to streamline the delivery of information across the enterprise.
•Define, develop, and implement data models to generate meaningful insights and deliver self-serve analytical capabilities to the business users.
•Conceptualize and develop dashboard wire-frames with the goal enabling data driven decision making.
•Estimates effort and performs impact assessments.
•Understands data management concepts for structuring data from multiple data sources to support development of dashboards. This includes development dimensions, fact tables, etc.
•Possess basic HTML, CSS, J-query, and Java script development skills
•Ability implement communication and training plan
•Ability to create tools for uploading and parsing excel files w/ critical data
•Respond and troubleshoot dashboard inquires and issues
•Update data visualization during each reporting data refresh
•Develop dashboard user guides and operator manuals for using and maintaining the dashboards
•Responsible for overall Power BI code and product quality
•Strong communications skills to effectively interact with clients
•Capable of working on a variety problems facing the client

Required Skills/Level of Experience:
Min Years of Experience – 6 to 8

Optional Skills:
•Power BI
•Data management experience
•HTML, CSS, J-query, Java Script

Collins Consulting, Inc.
999 Plaza Drive, Suite 240
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 290-8775
A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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