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Reference # : 18-02015 Title : Functional Analyst
Location : Washington, DC
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : Start Date : 12/04/2018  
Must be a US Citizen.

Functional Analysts (FAs) will work for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Information Technology (IT) Pivot Program Project Management Office (PMO), which supports the ongoing effort to procure and implement a new, complex business system for the NFIP. Functional Analysts will play an integral role in the development of the Pivot solution. FAs will be expected to rapidly develop knowledge in the basic tenets of NFIP program, property insurance, INVEST Financial reporting, and the legacy NFIP Transaction Record Reporting and Processing (TRRP) reporting system in order to provide diverse contributions to the Pivot team.

FAs will support the NFIP IT PMO by attending client meetings, producing agendas, and meeting minutes, submitting weekly slides, tasks, reports, SharePoint updates, and calendars to the client. FAs will require proficient technical writing skills to contribute to annual written summary reports, the decomposition of system requirements, and additional client deliverables.

FAs will primarily work from FEMA HQ. FAs will update and modify the IBM EADIS SharePoint, and will assist the PM in the award and sustainment of contract support through the creation and tracking of Program Change Requests (PCRs) through the EADIS approved process. FAs will contribute to annual written summary reports, and decomposition of system requirements. FAs will be expected to be quick and proactive learners who are able to adapt and contribute in a variety of areas, utilizing quantitative, technical, and communications skills.

Required Skills
1. Communication Skills: FAs must have excellent oral and written communication skills in a client facing environment. The expectation is for the consultant to prepare deliverables, assist with PMO support, be responsive in both email and telephone format, and lead/facilitate client meetings and present to a variety of external stakeholders. FAs should be able to present themselves in a professional manner with confidence, articulate their ideas without getting tongue-tied, and encourage conversation amongst stakeholders to accomplish the desired outcome of the meeting.
FAs will be expected to lead written summary reports, internal training and education initiatives, and translating complex technical concepts into an accessible format for a broad stakeholder audience. Past hands-on experience with systems/IT implementations, PMO support, and big data will increase the likelihood of success in this area.
Experience ? min 1 yr, 2 ­ 4 yrs preferred.

2. Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills: FAs will be expected to independently conduct research, read legislation and other policy documents, read technical/business articles and white papers, create spreadsheets, use databases, and create Visio diagrams, in support of gaining a subject matter expertise with the NFIP program. FAs are expected to be proactive and flexible in reading, learning, and applying their experience in order to assist the Pivot Program in progressing through the Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF)/ System Engineering Lifecycle (SELC) process, lead the development of detailed training and education plans, preparation of written reports, and any other tasks that may arise. FAs should be able to synthesize information to create thought-provoking arguments and be prepared to discuss and defend their work products.
Experience ? min 2 yrs, 2­4 yrs preferred.

3. Quantitative Financial Analysis/Government IT Spend Skills: FAs will be closely involved with maintaining financial investment information for Capital Planning purposes using INVEST and should have a desire to learn about Federal government IT spend. This work stream is responsible for reporting IT spend for OMB Annual Reporting for Financial Investments that will be presented to Congress. Desire to learn, problem solve, and communicate issues to the client related to INVEST are critical.
Experience ? min 1 yr, 2 ­ 4 yrs preferred.

4. Customer Interaction/ Time Management Skills: While not every FA on this team will play a lead role, every FA will interact with the customer on a regular basis. Given that our NFIP customers are members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), even informal presentations and other hand­outs should be prepared in advance to ensure that they are well-organized and polished. Moreover, FAs need to be able to develop and tailor materials to meet their target audience's varied level of technical experience. FAs will be assigned to multiple work streams at a time and must be able to manage their time effectively to meet various milestones and deadlines for each work stream in addition to participating in all weekly client meetings. The Team sits on site with our clients/other EADIS client's 3­4 days a week; our decorum in the office reflects on the entire EADIS Program.
Experience ? min 1 yr, 2­4 yrs preferred.

5. Requirements Skills: FAs will contribute to the monitoring and maintaining of historical requirements, assisting with Requirements Change Control Board (RCCB) meetings, and decomposition of requirements. The RCCB process will include reviewing periodic bulletins, assessing potential system requirement changes, organizing changes and recommending potential system requirements to be altered, and will present requirement changes to client stakeholders on a quarterly basis and edit requirements based on recommendations from stakeholders.
Experience ? min 1 yr, 2 ­ 4 yrs preferred.

Preferred Skills
? Understanding and tactical experience with an IT PMO.
? Understanding or knowledge of FEMA, FIMA, and/or NFIP.
? Experience with Federal Capital Planning/OMB Annual Reporting process.
? Experience with RCCBs, Steering Committees, or other related stakeholder boards.

Provide primary job duties:
Job Duty 1 with % of time - Analytical & Critical Thinking Skills (see above) ? 30%
Job Duty 2 with % of time - Communication Skills (see above)? 20%
Job Duty 3 with % of time - Customer Interaction & Time Management Skills (see above) ? 20%
Job Duty 4 with % of time - Quantitative Financial Analysis/Government IT Spend Skills (see above) - 20%
Job Duty 5 with % of time ? Requirements Skills (see above) - 10%

Collins Consulting, Inc.
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Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 290-8775
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