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Reference # : 19-03753 Title : Power Plant Technician
Location : TX
Position Type : Contract
Experience Level : 2 Years Start Date : 04/08/2019  
  • In and around Houston. Local candidates prefered.
  • Truck and trailer preferably but not mandatory
  • Maintenance window work (11:00pm and 5:00am)
  • PD can be added for out-of-market candidates
This job involves the replacement of the power plant and batteries on site. Rectifier circuits will be replaced as needed, and we will not add circuits to the old panel, as it is scheduled to be upgraded to the new ILC. There is a total of 10 rectifier circuits be installed into new power plant. Currently the old power plant only has 8 circuits wired. We will pre-run the extra 2 rectifier circuits, connect to the power plant, and coil in the junction box as prep for the planned ILC upgrade. Plant frame ground and reference ground will be replaced to spec level or better. Ahead of the night cut, one string of the new batteries will be delivered to the site, and linked together for connection to the new Power Plant. Old remaining batteries will be removed after the cut is complete. The change out will occur between 11:00pm and 5:00am, and during this time the site will be taken out of service. Call processing will be suspended and brought back into service before 5:00am. A change control will be in effect for this outage.
Existing AC pipe and junction box added for existing rectifier circuits, and the power plant- will be removed and replaced with the new larger capacity dual voltage Client Infinity Power Plant.
The timeline in section 4.3 of this document details expected dates and time of implementation of the actions listed in this MOP. It should be noted that the exact sequence and times may vary depending on site conditions and "unknowns” that exist while performing this type of work onsite personnel will communicate any changes with Telecommunication personnel as required.
Telco provider needs to be notified that we will be replacing a Power Plant as a precaution for their equipment. Our Cell Techs or the On Call Cell Tech can assist with Telco Provides contact numbers.
Upon arrival at the site the lead technician will be responsible for evaluating all areas of the installation process and the ability to perform the actions listed in this MOP as it relates to below: At this time onsite personnel will make sure they signed into IVR and all site alarm verifications have been made.
• Vehicle Access • Adequate Work space • On-site safety gear • Emergency egress • Proper restoration equipment • Supplemental acid spill kit(s) as required
1. Arrive on site, IVR into site, call switch, and notify of entry and work starting. Also call the On Call Cell Tech.
2. Check for any alarms present and, if present, check with NOC to verify. If all is normal, continue.
3. Insure that all DC cables currently fed by DC Power plant are labeled as to destination and equipment being powered. If not labeled, do so now. Also note breaker values for each cable.
4. At 11:00 pm advise switch to "lock” down site to eliminate any dropped calls for customers.
5. At 11:00 pm, verify all calls are off of site with switch.
6. Call NOC a few mins after 11:00pm when shift change is complete to provide them the Network Change Control number and advise them of the outage.
7. Once all calls are clear, remove/unseat all URC cards (slots 1-3), CTU cards (GPS cards), and SBEVM cards (slots 11 and 12) in both CDMA cabinets BEFORE powering down any equipment or shelf.
8. With DC power off to equipment, shut down DC power plant rectifiers and remove from plant. Turn Off AC power to rectifiers and verify AC power OFF with meter.
9. Disconnect battery leads from power plant and isolate the cable ends.
10. Remove AC power leads to DC power plant.
11. Insure existing DC leads are labeled and remove both the feed and return from the DC power plant. This should include the reference and frame grounds.
12. Move old DC power plant out of position and move new DC power plant into position.
13. Install reference and frame grounds to new plant.
14. Connect alarm cable to new power plant per Telecommunication guidelines.
15. Connect all DC equipment cables to DC power plant. Verify all polarities and labeling.
16. Install correct value breakers to feed each piece of equipment.
17. Verify that ALL DC breakers are in the Open or off positions.
18. Connect the AC power to the rectifier slots and turn on the ac power. Verify AC power to rectifiers with meter and note voltages.
19. Connect battery cables from new battery termination plates to plant battery termination busses. Use meter to verify polarities and voltages when plant is fired up.
20. Insert rectifiers and turn all rectifiers on. Allow plant to boot up, affect programming as required, and terminate battery.
21. AFTER power has been applied, wait 5 mins then install/seat URC cards (slots 1-3), CTU cards (GPS cards), and SBEVM cards (slots 11 and 12) in both CDMA cabinets.
22. Advise Switch that new power plant is up and running and verify site is downloading. Site should come back on-line within 20 minutes. Monitor and call switch after 20 to 30 minutes to ensure that site is carrying traffic.
23. Label all new DC equipment terminations.
24. Terminate the alarms to the 66-block and provision the batteries and alarms in the power bay. Test alarms.
25. Move old DC plant out of site and prepare for delivery to Telecommunication warehouse with front door labeled with site name and number.
26. Clean up and remove all trash, cuttings, and tailings. Sweep out site. 27. Insure that you have noted work in site log. 28. Load Truck, IVR out of the system, and leave site.