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Reference # : 19-01733 Title : Tower Climber
Location : TX
Position Type : Direct Placement
Experience Level : 2 Years Start Date / End Date : 03/25/2019 / 12/31/2019  
Annualized Salaries
Green= $45,760.00
 T2= $56,160.00
 T3= $66,560.00
Foreman/Climber $66,560.00

Scope of Work/Job Requirements:
  • Nokia L600 5G Overlay
  • Crew should be capable of performing the following
    • Know how to actually perform Boom Swaps
      • Need to understand and know how to give crane signals
    • Installing cross over plates (tower top), hand rails, toe rails etc.
    • Standard Line and Antenna work
      • Hanging new antennas & radios
      • Relocating existing antennas
      • Running/Installing HFC cable
    • Able to wire up tower top and ground COVP's
    • Able to install indoor & outdoor AMOB shelves including h-frames, 19 inch telco racks (indoor)
    • Proper installation of RF jumpers
      • Weather proofing
      • Labeling
      • No excessive bends, kinks, or other poor installation techniques
    • Proper installation of power & fiber jumpers
    • Know how, and have the tools necessary to perform fiber light test as well as properly clean fiber cables.
    • Know how, and have the tools necessary to perform RF jumper sweeps.
    • Outdoor ground cabinet installations for SSC cabinets, FCOA cabinets etc
    • Understanding how to run/install conduit and be able to actually do it
    • Crew needs to know how to take AAT measurements and submit the reports as part of the close out package
    • Basic trouble shooting skills to figure out how to restore a sector or technology that is down.
      • Generally this comes down to they broke a fiber cable, bad radio, or bad antenna
    • Crew should be able to perform a tape drop to establish rad center and take photos recording the results
    • Understand how to read CD's, RFDS, Structural Analysis, BOM's and any other NTP documents.
      • More importantly, can they figure out what its telling them to do onsite.
    • Create rigging plans when required
    • Understand COP requirements and how to complete them.
    • Basic ground civil construction requirements.
      • Building platforms, adding stairs etc.
  • Market: South Texas, I'm centralizing in Corpus Christi area.
  • Duration: As long as we want it and can perform.
    • We'll know if the first couple of weeks if the crew can cut it or not.
    • I have line of site to several markets for both Ericsson and Nokia.
  • Desired traits/attributes
    • Good attitude
    • Show up and be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there
    • Truthful, tell the progress good, bad or ugly
    • Be able to work in fluid environment. Nokia and TMO have several challenges that ultimately get pushed down the chain.
    • Nokia Certified is a huge plus
    • Be willing to put in long hours when necessary
    • Understand that working at night will be required to support cut overs.