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Reference # : 18-14067 Title : EMI/EMC Engineer
Location : Bohemia, NY
Experience Level : Start Date : 03/09/2018  
Location: Bohemia, NY
Title: EMI/EMC Engineer
JD: Need only USC and GC

Engineer to support the Client Qualification procedure which is written. (Client & Industry documents are listed below)
1. RTCA DO-160G - Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
2. IPC-A-610E-2010 -Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
3. Thermal requirements for electrical and electronic equipment installed on 777X aircraft
4. Equipment Vibration Test Requirements
5. HIRF/Lightning Protection Continued Airworthiness Requirements
6. Electrical Bonding and Grounding
7. Electromagnetic Interference Control Requirements
8. Single event effects rate analyses and testing descriptions
9. Specification Control Drawing (SCD) for ARINC-629 Plastic Optical Converter LRU
10. ARINC 629 EMC Qualification Test Plan
11. ARINC 629 EMC Qualification Test
12. Customer QA will authorize said person to act on their behalf at the lab.
13. The lab is DTB (3rd party ), which is located within 2 miles of DDC NY location.
14. Engineer would need to set up the test with the Client Rep at the lab, activate all power up etc.
15. Return units to customer for testing and in most cases perform said ATP test at DDC.