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About Artech Information Systems LLC
Artech is the #1 Women-Owned IT Staffing Company in the U.S. working with a workforce of over 11,000 professionals across the globe. We recruit top-notch talent for over 90 Fortune and Government clients with coast-to-coast across the U.S., Canada, India, and China. We empower businesses by providing not just the right solutions and opportunities, but human intellect which makes THE difference.

Our Talent Promise
We enable our team to maximize their intellect by providing unlimited opportunities for growth. Because when they’re empowered, they become achievers in spirit and LIMITLESS at heart.
Empowering your Career. Maximizing your Intelligence.
Our Consultant Care Program
At Artech, we routinely match our best consultants to new assignments. Often, consultants also move on to permanent jobs at our Fortune and Global 500 clients. We manage these transitions with great care because of our long-term dedication to our clients and employees-turned-alumni. Our consultants have Talent Management Specialists (TMS) assigned to them as part of the company’s consultant care program. The TMS not only help orient them to their assignment but are there for them if they have any questions or require any additional support.
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